How can I view my Spaces bandwidth usage?

February 27, 2018 1.2k views
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Hi there,

I just started a trial of Spaces and so far have found it pretty powerful and easy to use. And the pricing (especially for bandwidth) is truly unbeatable.

Curious though... How can I see how much download traffic I have generated? Any way to see this so I can know how far I am from being subjected to download fees over the included 1 TB?

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Hello. It seems this thread almost 1 year now. Did the bandwidth usage information visible to end-user now?

At the moment the only way to see if you have gone over the 1 TB bandwidth allocation is to look at your daily invoice and see if you're incurring overage charges. I realize this isn't ideal, and we're looking at ways to make this information more visible and proactively available.

Have you already provide a mechanism for viewing the bandwidth consumed?

I'd like to know this as well. It is very difficult to accurately plan for growth without this information.

Hey Guys,

Any updates in this issue? Its been a year since the thread was created. But, I can't still see the bandwidth report on the spaces dashboard. Please look into this asap.

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