How can I view my Spaces bandwidth usage?

Posted February 27, 2018 7k views
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Hi there,

I just started a trial of Spaces and so far have found it pretty powerful and easy to use. And the pricing (especially for bandwidth) is truly unbeatable.

Curious though… How can I see how much download traffic I have generated? Any way to see this so I can know how far I am from being subjected to download fees over the included 1 TB?

  • @johngannon Any update on this?

    Developers need this to monitor & optimize their applications!

  • Still no real way to monitor this? My estimations for traffic were more or less correct. But I was surprised that Droplets and Spaces bandwidth do not combine, and now I pay quite an overage for Spaces.

    This brings Spaces to the top of the queue for cost optimizations.
    The overage in Spaces is roughly the same as what I have left for Droplets.

  • +1. This is a super important feature.

  • Hi, I don’t believe it takes two years to develop a simple overages bandwidth measurement and attach it to the Spaces UI.

    Can Digital Ocean please start taking this seriously and put some funds into developing this functionality into your Control Panel? If you’re struggling technically maybe look externally if you’re lacking in the resource department. Would like to see something come out even if it’s basic in the next month or two please.

    At this point the non-response is either arrogance or laziness.

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Hello. It seems this thread almost 1 year now. Did the bandwidth usage information visible to end-user now?

Hey Guys,

Any updates in this issue? Its been a year since the thread was created. But, I can’t still see the bandwidth report on the spaces dashboard. Please look into this asap.

“[…] we’re looking at ways to make this information more visible and proactively available.”

@johngannon It’s been over a year since you said this, has a way been found?

I’m waiting on this too. Was one of the first things I looked for after creating a space and using it for a bit. Seems pretty strange to not be able to see your usage stats.

This is pretty bad to leave out. How is someone supposed to plan for future needs when they don’t even know how much data is being used?

This should be a huge priority to make billing and usage transparent. The data is obviously there if you can bill for it, so just show it to your users!

I’m surprised this isn’t available. Webfaction and every other provider shows you bandwidth so you can avoid going over. Why doesn’t digitalocean?

  • 1 for this… really required

Still no way to get this info? wow

At the moment the only way to see if you have gone over the 1 TB bandwidth allocation is to look at your daily invoice and see if you’re incurring overage charges. I realize this isn’t ideal, and we’re looking at ways to make this information more visible and proactively available.

Have you already provide a mechanism for viewing the bandwidth consumed?

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