How do I configure logforwarding to Datadog for a DOC app

Posted October 16, 2021 296 views
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I have added two log forward destinations for a sample-app (fork) in Go based on the DOC example.

The PaperTrail one works, but I cannot get the Datadog destination to work and the DOC documentation is a bit sparse.

I have added an API key, but on the DataDog side I need to do some configuration as well, but I cannot deduct how the DOC app integrates and present itself and DOC is not listed as an option.

The documentation mentions:

But my Datadog plan is EU based - is that the problem? instead of

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If you use as the endpoint value and add the API key it should work.

  • The DOC documentation on the configuration of Datadog is a bit sparse. Datadog offers a plethora of options and there is not really a hint on how to proceed, when picking Datadog as the target for logs and I cannot see my data on the Datadog side, without selecting one of options.

  • I did it all over again and it works :-)

    • Just to recap.

      If your Datadog plan/profile is set to EU instead of US.

      It seems you have to specify the endpoint:

      And for US:

      This is my conclusion after some experimentation, I might be mistaken and the issue was elsewhere, perhaps a bad API key, but now it works for me.

      The available endpoints are context sensitive when you read the documentation with Datadog, so when you change from US to EU, the URLs change accordingly. This is not clear in the DOC documentation.