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  • Tech talk

    Defining Your App Specification on DigitalOcean App Platform

    Best practices for defining your app specification on App Platform, DigitalOcean's take on a modern PaaS that makes it simpler to build, deploy, and scale apps.
    By Nicholas Tate DigitalOcean App Platform Tech Talks
  • Tutorial

    How To Build and Deploy a Hugo Site to DigitalOcean App Platform

    In this tutorial you'll use Hugo to build a small static web site and then deploy the site to DigitalOcean App Platform.
    By Brian Hogan DigitalOcean App Platform HTML Deployment
  • Tutorial

    How To Deploy a Static Website to the Cloud with DigitalOcean App Platform

    This tutorial walks you through all the steps of deploying a static website to the cloud with DigitalOcean App Platform, including how to get started with GitHub. If you don't have a static site, you can use our sampl...
    By Erin Glass Spin Up HTML DigitalOcean App Platform DigitalOcean Git
  • Tutorial

    How To Deploy a Static Site from GitHub with DigitalOcean App Platform [Quickstart]

    In this tutorial, you will deploy a static website with DigitalOcean App Platform from a GitHub repository. If you don't have a static site, you can use our sample site to learn how App Platform works.
    By Erin Glass Quickstart DigitalOcean App Platform
  • Tutorial

    How To Build a GraphQL API with Prisma and Deploy to DigitalOcean's App Platform

    In this tutorial, you'll build a GraphQL API for a blogging application in JavaScript using Node.js. You will first use Apollo Server to build the GraphQL API backed by in-memory data structures. You will then deploy ...
    By Daniel Norman DigitalOcean App Platform API GraphQL Development Node.js Git
  • Tech talk

    Combining Cloud Native & PaaS: Building a Fully Managed Application Platform on Kubernetes

    Peek under the hood: see why DigitalOcean built our PaaS solution on Kubernetes.
    By Steven Normore DigitalOcean App Platform Tech Talks deploy 2020
  • Tech talk

    Build, Deploy, and Scale Your First Web App Using DigitalOcean App Platform

    An introductory talk designed for beginners — learn how to rapidly build, deploy, manage, and scale a web app on DigitalOcean.
    By Kamal Nasser deploy 2020 Tech Talks DigitalOcean App Platform
  • Tech talk

    Build Apps Faster With DigitalOcean App Platform

    Introducing App Platform, a modern PaaS that makes it simpler for you to build, deploy, and scale apps. Plus get best practice tips on user research, hypothesis-driven development, design thinking, and agile/iterative...
    By Jake Levirne Tech Talks DigitalOcean App Platform deploy 2020
  • Tech talk

    Command-line Your Way to PaaS Productivity With DigitalOcean App Platform

    Live-coding demo using Terraform to deploy both DigitalOcean App Platform apps and traditional IaaS components that work together.
    By Mason Egger deploy 2020 Tech Talks DigitalOcean App Platform Terraform
  • Tech talk

    Escape the Walls of PaaS: Unlock the Power & Flexibility of DigitalOcean App Platform With Docker

    For languages and frameworks that DigitalOcean App Platform doesn’t currently support, learn how you can utilize the Dockerfile mechanism for a fully managed PaaS experience.
    By Phil Dougherty deploy 2020 Tech Talks DigitalOcean App Platform Docker PaaS
  • Tech talk

    Fullstack Jamstack on DigitalOcean With App Platform

    How a Fullstack Jamstack environment can be created on DigitalOcean — create a server, API, and a static frontend, and host it all on DigitalOcean App Platform.
    By Chris On Code Tech Talks deploy 2020 DigitalOcean App Platform
  • Question

    App Platform - Domains for static sites

    Hello, Could you tell me, have the App Platform supporting multiply domains/subdomains for different Static Sites? I have a production and dev instance for one project, can I create 2 static sites in one Application ...
    Accepted Answer: For a configuration like this we recommend creating two separate apps. When an app is deployed, we pull, build, and deploy the latest commit for each component. If one-component fails to build or deploy, all component...
    1 By vladles DigitalOcean App Platform
  • Question

    Static IPs, whitelisting

    Right now I'm using firewall rules on my AWS RDS db and external Redis db to only allow incoming connections from my droplets. Switching to the App Platform, how can this be handled? Since there doesn't seem to be an ...
    Accepted Answer: App Platform apps do not have a static-IPs. We've heard requests for static IPs as an add-on feature and are considering it. In the mean time, we recommend using TLS encryption and strong authentication to secure con...
    1 By manuelmeurer DigitalOcean App Platform
  • Question

    When will root domains be available in App Platform?

    Hi there, I just moved my website to the App Platform when I realized that root domains are not possible. Actually I wanted to replace my Droplet with an App, but now I probably have to throw the App away. Is there ...
    Accepted Answer: 👋 @nightillusions Soooooon! We're working hard on enhanced domain support. We don't have a public release date but I can say soon. Stay tuned :)
    2 By nightillusions DigitalOcean App Platform
  • Question

    How to force build in app deployments

    I have a Next.js app deployed as a web service on App Platform, because I want to take advantage of both its SSR and SSG capabilities. I've connected it to my CMS, which sends a webhook to Digital Ocean to trigger a r...
    Accepted Answer: 👋🏼 @ilonews It's possible to force build the app from source even if a previous build can be reused, however right now it is only available via doctl and the API. The web control panel should support it soon. With do...
    1 By ilonews Node.js DigitalOcean App Platform
  • Question

    How to run management commands when deploying Django apps via the API?

    Hi there, When launching a Django app using the API of Digital Ocean App Platform, how do I programmatically run collectstatic and migrate after the deployment has finished? thx! Gijs
    Accepted Answer: 👋 @gijsnijholt There are a couple options for running command after your app has been deployed: 1. Manually go to the console tab in App Platform and run your commands on the same container as your service is running...
    1 By gijsnijholt DigitalOcean App Platform
  • Question

    App Platform: Out of Memory on deploy (DeployContainerOutOfMemory)

    I'm getting the following error on deployment: Deploy Error: Out of Memory Your deploy failed because your container was out of memory. Error code: DeployContainerOutOfMemory I am unable to deploy the app and I have...
    Accepted Answer: I found the issue. I added several geojson files to the repository that were together around 60MB in size. After removing these the deployment worked again. So I assume it has something to do with the repo size. Would...
    2 By MRVDH DigitalOcean App Platform
  • Question

    Better App Platform integration with NX monorepo

    Hello, There's two feature I would like to see in App Platform. To resume it's a good integration with NX workspace/monorepo ( Fetch only once npm dependencies for all components in a monorepo. I'm us...
    Accepted Answer: Hi @scorsi, thank you for the feedback! I have logged it in our internal feature tracker. For the second suggestion, how would you want to select which components to rebuild?
    1 By scorsi DigitalOcean App Platform
  • Question

    Use output_dir in App Plateform

    Hello, I have Nx workspace which build my Angular app inside dist/apps/{app_name}. Even if I use output_dir option inside my app spec yaml file (seen in the doc (
    Accepted Answer: Hi @scorsi The output_dir option will take priority over the default behavior of checking for a few known directory names (_static, public, dist, build). It sounds like the output_dir option isn't being set. If you e...
    1 By scorsi DigitalOcean App Platform
  • Question

    Do grandfathered accounts pay for bandwidth on the App Platform

    I would like to use this on a new production app , I am curious if the bandwidth limitations are applicable to grandfathered accounts.
    Accepted Answer: 👋 Grandfathered bandwidth does not apply to the App Platform. App Platform bandwidth is billed differently because it includes CDN edge ingress, free TLS certificate generation, and DDOS protections.
    1 By paultitude DigitalOcean App Platform