How do I ssh to a Kubernetes node?

October 31, 2018 4.4k views

Is there a way to SSH to a kubernetes node droplet? When I created the kubernetes cluster there was no option to authorize an ssh key.

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fahri November 2, 2018
Accepted Answer

first of all you need to give access ssh port on firewall section for your droplet/node.
After that you can reset your root password on droplets access tab.
When you get your new root password you can ssh to your node.

  • Looks like this is the only way for now. Even though it would be hard to manually do this if you have a lot of nodes and if you recycle some regularly (scaling up/down on demand).

I don’t believe there is - the tradeoff of a fully managed service is that you don’t get to log in and break their management.

  • Hmm, so there’s no point of using ssh on the managed Kubernetes?

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