How to access,upload and download files on droplet

November 15, 2014 17.6k views

i have created a droplet, In access droplet i get just option of "Console Access" on my browser. But how do i upload, download or edit files or directories on my ubuntu server?

i tried connecting this through my filezilla using my ip as host and root credentials. i'm unable to connect. i get error as : Connection attempt failed with "ECONNREFUSED - Connection refused by server".

how do i connect.

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In filezilla login using sftp. Also, enter your correct port number, if you've changed it to some other value from 22. After that you'll be able to upload, download and manage your files.

  • I can connect, but I don't see the /var/ folder which is supposed to contain folders and files for my site. All I see are .aptitude .ssh and .cache

  • Figured it out. Had to navigate to the correct folder. Thanks!!

You're currently trying to access your server via FTP which is most likely not working as your VPS does not have this configured.

To begin you'll want to download a terminal application such as PuTTY: When you first launched your droplet you most likely received an email with its IP address and default login details. Within PuTTY enter the IP address as the hostname and click Open. Then login using the details in the email (Username will be root).

Once you're in you can use the below guide to install the desktop environment as well as a VNC server on the machine, once this is done you can access your VPS using any remote desktop software:

VNC is a connection system that allows you to manage your Ubuntu server with a graphical desktop environment. With VNC, you can use your keyboard and mouse to interact with a graphical display of your remote server, making it easier to work with the server.

Hi, I'm having the same problem... I created my first droplet, didn't get any email. And have no idea how to access it?

No details sent to me about it in email.

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