How to activate ufw for Apache ?

Posted December 26, 2019 3.7k views

I followed your tutorial to install Apache/Tomcat 8.5 on Debian.
Then I followed your advice to install ufw.
However Apache does not show in “ufw app list” and it does not seem to filter IP addresses I added with “ufw deny from”
ufw deny from
/var/log/apache2/access.log - - [26/Dec/2019:07:41:24 +0100] “GET /myWebApp/servlet/ etc

What have I missed ?

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Hi @ZajaczkowskiMathias,

I’ll most probably guess you have put the rule at the bottom. The order of the firewall rules is important. Since you have allowed port 80 for all( I would only assume) at the beginning, this rule will match for all request and the deny rule that comes later will never be matched.

So, if you need to block something particularly, put it at the beginning and then allow all.

To see your rules with a reference number, use this:

sudo ufw status numbered

Then remove the deny rule first that you have added:

sudo ufw delete rule_number_here

Then add it again at the top:

sudo ufw insert 1 deny from xx.xx.xx.xx to any


Hi KDSys,
Thanks a lot for your help.
Your guess about the place where I put the rule is right!

My ufw status says:
Status: active

 To                         Action      From
 --                         ------      ----

[ 1] 22 DENY IN Anywhere
[ 2] 50683 ALLOW IN Anywhere
[ 3] 80 DENY IN Anywhere
[ 4] 443 ALLOW IN Anywhere
[ 5] Anywhere DENY IN
[ 6] 5432 ALLOW IN Anywhere
[ 7] 5555 ALLOW IN Anywhere
[ 8] Anywhere DENY IN
[ 9] Anywhere DENY IN
[10] Anywhere DENY IN
[11] Anywhere DENY IN
[12] Anywhere DENY IN
[13] Anywhere DENY IN
[14] Anywhere DENY IN
[15] Anywhere DENY IN
[16] Anywhere DENY IN
[17] Anywhere DENY IN
[18] Anywhere DENY IN
[19] Anywhere DENY IN
[20] Anywhere DENY IN
[21] 22 DENY IN Anywhere (v6)
[22] 50683 ALLOW IN Anywhere (v6)
[23] 80 DENY IN Anywhere (v6)
[24] 443 ALLOW IN Anywhere (v6)
[25] 5432 ALLOW IN Anywhere (v6)
[26] 5555 ALLOW IN Anywhere (v6)

So if I understand you correctly I have to:
ufw delete 15
ufw insert 1 deny from to any

That’s what I did and now ufw staus says:
Status: active

 To                         Action      From
 --                         ------      ----

[ 1] Anywhere DENY IN
[ 2] 22 DENY IN Anywhere
[ 3] 50683 ALLOW IN Anywhere
[ 4] 80 DENY IN Anywhere
[ 5] 443 ALLOW IN Anywhere
etc …

Does it look correct ?
I’ll check soon my ufw.log and if I see some blocked, I’ll repeat it for my other DENY’s with ufw insert 2(3,4, etc) deny from …

Do I have to do something similar for v6 rules ?

Kind regards.