How to add my DigitalOcean App as a trusted resource for my Managed Database

Posted October 15, 2020 5.9k views
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I have signed up for the Managed Database for Postgreql. Now I have also signed up for a DigitalOcean App and selected the Managed Database as the database.

There was a message telling me that I have restricted access to the database and that I should turn off this restriction.

Instead of turning it off, how can I simply add the App as a trusted resource for the database?


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Hi all,

This has been implemented and can be achieved by following the steps here:

Hope that this helps!

Just want to add a +1 to this request. I understand the App Platform has floating IPs but restricting access to a managed database from an App is a pretty important security issue.

I would just like to add that we’re interested in trying out DO Apps platform but we would need to connect to a DO managed database from our apps.

+1 Looking forward to this feature!

Hi ChellGouda

You can now add an app to the trusted sources of your Postgres, Mysql and Redis Managed Databases.


👋 @ChellGouda

Apps cannot currently be added as Trusted Sources to Managed Databases. We are working on this but do not have a public timeline on when this feature will be available.

  • @crashoverride Thanks for addressing this. I just wanted to add that this is incredibly important for my team and it would be nice to get some kind of timeline to factor into future evaluations.

    • 👋 @nisht

      We’re not able to commit to a specific timeline on this yet but we’ll be sure to follow-up with you in here when we have something more specific to share. Thanks for your patience and feedback on this, we definitely appreciate that it’s an incredibly important feature for your team and many others.

      • Is there an updated on this matter?
        It’s a bit ironic that you get scary messages when you want to disable trusted sources but another part of DO tells me to do it.

      • Hello there 👋
        is there any news on this subject in the meantime?

      • crashoverride how are we supposed to connect our apps to our managed database?

        • For now, you will need to make your database publicly accessible adn rely on TLS + credentials. Support for trusted sources is currently in development, we hope to have more to share soon.

          • Hello,

            7 months without fix it which is a major critical security breach…

            What do you think about GDPR ? I don’t think you wan define an app Platform as “ready for production” if you don’t offer user datas protection.

            Maybe we have to take informations near GDPR to know if it’s legal or not.

    • 👋 @nisht,
      you can now add your app to the trusted sources of your postgres, mysql and redis managed databases.

Is there an update on this issue? It is very critical for our release schedule too.

+1 and also looking forward to this feature

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