I have signed up for the Managed Database for Postgreql. Now I have also signed up for a DigitalOcean App and selected the Managed Database as the database.

There was a message telling me that I have restricted access to the database and that I should turn off this restriction.

Instead of turning it off, how can I simply add the App as a trusted resource for the database?

  • +1 This is critical for us as well. Can we get an update or ETA on this?

  • This is a critical feature to allow my company to utilize this for our clients.

    We would like to port over a few projects but without knowing an approximate timeframe it becomes hard to delay the other team from pushing to go full-on onto AWS (Which I really want to avoid atm)

    I hope this is not a huge ask and that some timeframe is conceivable.

    Much love and thanks for this platform.

  • @crashoverride , could you please share an update on any progress made or an ETA on this request (i.e. adding an DO app as a trusted inbound source to the DB). Or, in the meantime, any alternatives would be welcome too. Thanks.

  • I just pitched the app platform to a couple of clients and got them excited to get on board, then realize you can’t set your app as a trusted source for managed databases…

    I’m trying to take advantage of the “latest and greatest” you have to offer, but things like this make it extremely difficult to do so.

    Any ETA?

  • I hope the DigitalOcean team includes this important update to AppPlatform, but at this time I found a small simple solution. It’s working for my services on the App Platform.


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Just want to add a +1 to this request. I understand the App Platform has floating IPs but restricting access to a managed database from an App is a pretty important security issue.

I would just like to add that we’re interested in trying out DO Apps platform but we would need to connect to a DO managed database from our apps.

+1 Looking forward to this feature!

👋 @ChellGouda

Apps cannot currently be added as Trusted Sources to Managed Databases. We are working on this but do not have a public timeline on when this feature will be available.

Is there an update on this issue? It is very critical for our release schedule too.

+1 and also looking forward to this feature

+1 It’s a basic security feature that should be ready asap. Btw the tag “app-platform” is already selectable as trusted source but the connections between app platform apps and managed databases don’t work if selected.

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