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Does anyone have a phone number for digital ocean?

  • Digital ocean doesn’t offer phone support. You can only contact them via the forums, Twitter/facebook/Linkedin/Google+, ticket, and e-mail.

  • Same here…one of my production server has been locked for couple days. Have been waiting for two days and no response yet. This kind of critical situation required high prioritized quicker response.

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asb January 13, 2015
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Hi! DigitalOcean does not offer phone support at this time. We’re happy to help here on the community site as best we can, and you can always open a support ticket directly in the control panel.

  • I have a production server that is down, I need a phone to contact digitalocean, they should have such an option or be the ones to call back asap. I created this Ticket #3381324 and I am expecting response asap.
    Please get back to me because my customers are not happy at all.

  • I need an reply to my ticket asap too. One of our production servers has been locked today and we need to use them again.
    Please get back to me asap.

  • My account also blocked when I tried to pay through paypal. Any solution?
    Nobody is responding on Tickets.

  • I also have a server which is unavailable and have tried adding multiple cards and tried Paypal too. None of which seem to work. Still waiting to hear back from support about the ticket I submitted. Is there anyone here that can help?

This is really pathetic seems like you guys dont even care to respond my 4 sites are down i have opened multiple tickets and not a single response ????????

I did create a ticket, but your response team is too slow. My server is down and my 5 websites are offline. I am losing my money and no buddy is replying.

It’s been 10 hours.

I have the same bad experience. After half year of using DO we have terrible network issue and nobody answers my ticket. We have hundreds of upset customers. We are going to move out from Digital ocean because of that.

i’m in a similiar sitation. i’m frustrated because i’m experiencing issues and the support response time is poor. i can’t ever run a production environment if i’m forced to use ticket/email support AND Digital Ocean is response time is very slow.

Basically the guy above summarized this situation well… very scary. Very scary indeed. The networking on my database for my production server went down… sent an email, obviously needed this resolved within minutes. Hours? thats worst case scenario. Days? ridiculous, this is where people start getting fired. Anyways after waiting about 5 hours, I realized I was on my own and fixed the problem myself by rolling a new server, based on a clone of the old one, of course this fixed the problem because I got new hardware. And the status of my ticket? still unanswered 24 hours later. People are going to say, ‘high ticket volume’, ‘covid’ etc etc, but who cares. DO has a war-chest of cash and is well funded, I dont think many developers can accept the 'your on your own’ reality, when dealing with production websites, but I would be wrong.

digital ocean is the worst company that i haven’t saw still today ,
they have debited my amount from my account and saying card is invalid ,
if my card is invalid then how did they debited the amount from my account ?

similarly all the sites that my partner hosted in DO are regularly crashing .

please don’t prefer Digital Ocean ................

I can easily open and review tickets but also experiencing growing concern over the time delay as well for DO support–although DO has been very helpful thus far.

Earlier today I was on a support call with Google for a GSuite issue and they called me back within 1 min and screen shared to solve an admin issue then next min. If I need help with Wix I get a 3 min call-back response. With Squarespace, they don’t do phone support–only email. While Squarespace tries very hard, it’s too long a turnaround time with them although SS is an excellent SaaS product.

With my Hosting company, Hostpapa, tech support is available immediately when I call for troubleshooting–always been reliable so far. Digital Ocean is a mission-critical service so I also recommend that they improve response times and accessibility options and spend more on support. The features and UX are excellent but support is also a key differentiator. The pressure to be fully responsive is on us all. My client is still waiting for a fix and I cannot even login to DO because I am waiting for my DO accounts to be merged. Why? The DO server created a second account when using Goggle sign-on. Same account but updated email. If the email on file is different a new account is created. Make sense but no agile fix. I hesitated to delete that new account and re-login because it just might cause more confusion. In short, it’s not easy for any business to be fully responsive in real-time but hope DO is working on a stronger support experience. We only find out how challenging it is when we are in crisis mode. In my case, I cannot solve my problem by reading FAQs or using the DO knowledgebase.

This is so sad. I tried adding a prepaid card yesterday, and it was declined. Then when I got a credit card to add, the add card button was disabled with a message saying I should open a ticket. I have opened two tickets so far and no help has been received. My account stands to be suspended tomorrow if I don’t add the card with money. Digital Ocean is beginning to suck

Same to me. I have a very serious situation with some droplets and nobody answers me

3 days and they didn’t solve my problem! How can I recommend digital ocean services to my customers ????????

we are looking for a reliable WP host for about a dozen sites. Who do you like?

i have an employee whom setup my account we fired him or embezzeling we didnt think thered be an issue as we cntrol all the emails and havent had any issue resetting and accessing anything until now when I have a rogue ex employee whom used his cell hone for 2fa but its my account and I have the email.. I pay the bills and can change the password and all but I dont have the fired guys phone to receive a text for 2fa. In a case liket his Ive already been screewed by an employee embezzeling but now I’m goin got loose my servers and non of y clinets will have phone sservce sicne I cannot pay the bill!!@!@!@ Surely there has to be something that can be done

Same with me too.. It’s been more than 5 hours, my site is down and nobody replies to the support ticket. Really poor customer support. Now thinking to move to Amazon

I’m also facing the same problem. Please reply to my Ticket #3275484

All of my websites are down, I’m losing my clients, I’m losing money.

yeah, new customer wanted to check them out. I expect a reply to a support ticket in about an hour, not HOURS. go elsewhere. Don’t bother with these guys. You can pay the same and actually have someone get back to a support ticket within an hour.

A full business day has passed after I submitted my ticket #3338965 and I got no answer at all, how long do I have to wait for a reply? I just started to run my service here supporting a mobile app, but if the support is so unresponsive, I probably should move elsewhere before getting harmed by server issues.

Same problem here. Customer care is not answering.
No answer in 48 hours

After trying MANY (google, AWS, etc) Digital Ocean has the best platform. But I dont think there is any support. I am paying about $700 a month and I created a ticket at 2:pm . Its 12:00am and no answer. One of my droplet stop having internet access. I didnt make any changes to the system. I had no idea what was going on. After trying different thing I decided to make a snapshot and create a new droplet with a different ip, and I got internet back. Right now I have no idea why or if it will happen again, and nothing from support. No matter what you pay you are on your own. SCARY.

I am using digitalocean, but did not see worst support than this. My production site is down from last three days and no body is responding at all. Dont know where to contact.

I submit the ticket, but no body is reponding that as well.

Please help.

Here is my experience…
Problems which i faced is listed below:-

  1. Hello digital ocean team yesterday my account is suspended by your team still i open a ticket no response.

  2. When i signup digital ocean gives me a big banner of 100$ free credit for 60 days at the page where i need to save card.

  3. My account is locked why digital ocean billing me digital ocean show they are giving me 100$ for 60 days then why i should be billed for that.

  4. This are the qualities of spammers i don’t need your service you don’t want reinitiate my account i am switching to another cloud provider just delete all my data and account from your system. Thanks

Nothing is working with these people, hard to trust for this serious business.

I already created three droplets (what a ridiculous name, by the way) and my domain is still not working.
It’s pretty basic, just a matter of copy and paste, nameservers, A records, no mistery here, but it is not working at all.
I don’t like that they don’t take phone calls.
They don’t answer my tickest…what am I supposed to do?
A total mess.

Digital Ocean charges fees for their services but does not provide a phone number for customer support. I find it challenging to convince our clients to use Digital Ocean for their projects as a result.

dose anyone from Digital ocean reads any of the customers . Their service is sooooo bad. My web site has been down for more than 7 hours .
No on line chat
No phone number
I guess this company is one man show.
Just like everyone else i am going to start shop around for another service provider.

Really upsetting situacion, I am having my servers down since 4 days ago, still not any answer from guys at DO. We are retiring our other droplets because of this situation.

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