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Does anyone have a phone number for digital ocean?

  • Digital ocean doesn't offer phone support. You can only contact them via the forums, Twitter/facebook/Linkedin/Google+, ticket, and e-mail.

  • I logged in to my account and my droplets are gone. I cannto submit a ticket becasue I have no droplets now.

    I need to know what is going on ???

  • We need a password reset for our domain? We are locked out of our domain and unable to get emails. How to I get through to someone who can help?

  • Hi,

    My Public IP is and I am running tomcat 7 on 8080 port yesterday i accessed this tomcat.

    But now its not accessing and not able to connect my application what's wrong..? I renewal-ed to 5 months and my account is active

  • I logged in to my account and my droplets are gone. I cannto submit a ticket becasue I have no droplets now.

    I need to know how can i get this back????

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Hi! DigitalOcean does not offer phone support at this time. We're happy to help here on the community site as best we can, and you can always open a support ticket directly in the control panel.

  • The support from submitting a ticket on the website is awful. You get an auto-response with a ticket - then nothing. I resorted to Twitter which elicited a response but no help.

I plan on re-sizing a server tonight and moving up to 4gb, will this affect the files or applications on that server? Also I've seen others having issues accessing their server after resizing?


Our problem is when we view out droplet it shows "your event is processing..." and just spins.... it has been doing this for hours and we opened a ticket with no response. Our webserver is down and we cannot access with SSH... think there is an issue with our hosting but we have not received any response from our tickets... can anyone help?

Thanks in advance!

@andrewh452483 I am also currently having this issue right now, how did you resolve the issue? or was it ever resolved?


You are not replying, your servers and hardware are not stable, and its just a paid to work with you.

Expecting a senior acc. manager to contact me today if you wish to have us remaining as your customers.


I CAN'T GET MY EMAIL TO WORK SINCE YOU STARTED TO HOST MY DOMAIN. I need to get responses from you somehow. otherwise I need to change hosts.

I tried to contact but i havnt got nay email.
My Account was freezed by DO.
My Debit Card was there and i dont know why payment isnt go through..

I tried to add my new cc but same .. i cant able to add and on the other side i am getting emails of regarding urgent payment issue.

  1. you dont have any telephone support ( Major drawback.)
  2. Very difficult for indians to pay you.

Now just tell me how i can pay ?

I am new to this community. I just signed up and created a droplet. I need to share the FTP credentials of my new droplet to my team so they can transfer files to my droplet. How do I get this credentials.


I keep getting mailer demons saying that my emails aren't sending because of invalid email addresses. All the email addresses I am using are correct.

Can someone please tell me how to solve this problem?

All my droplets have disappeared after clearing up my delayed payment. What might be the problem? Can someone help as this is delaying launch of my web app....

I just opened a support ticket. I deleted a droplet and all of my backups are gone. I need someone to find out where the backups went.

hello why is nobody responing on my tickets?

Really the worst customer service of any vps provider. I think they only take POs as payment, no debit card, etc.

My account is locked. I provided all information requested and got this response.
Subject: Re: [DigitalOcean] Ticket Closed #513382 Account still locked: [] [ ref:00Do0IjOV.5001NRkjh0:ref ]


We were not able to verify your account with the details provided in your account verification ticket. At this time, the active hold will remain and no additional information is required.

Smooth sailing,
DigitalOcean Platform Support

Ise 2 cuentas y pague atraves de paypal y solo se pone que van. A verificar mi correo lla llevo 4 dias y no me dan respuesta correo quiero que ve activen mi cuentan

Kindly restore my account that is off, am not seeing immediate support

DigitalOcean support is really disappointing. Why is the account suddenly "under review"? I desperately need to redirect a domain for a launch. Why is this okay to do to a customer???

Pls. I need urgently help because I need change my credit card for pay, but, please contact me asap. Thanks

hello sir

This site can’t be reached refused to connect.

Checking the connection
Checking the proxy and the firewall

hello, sir this issue every time showing any time. another site is properly running this issue only your server hosted. I have transferred my website it properly running after transfer not working properly. I am facing this issue three days another site are properly running.


please resolve this issue

They suspend the account (out of hours, over the weekend) without notice, but don't reactivate the account for ages ...

High risk vendor

hola estimados puedes por favor activar el hosting de mi pagina web


hello sir / mam... my account locked... and some droplet is turn off.. can help me please, because my site can't access right now...

i submit ticket and email, no respon untill now...

i use DO since 2015... why locked my account but no tell me first..


seems like you have to wait days before anyone decides to respond, why is the DO support so bad?

I need help. I can’t Find any phone Number to contact digitalocean customer service.
My web site and the rest are shut down because we forgot to pay our bill.
We did our payment yesterday and it still doesn’t work.
How can i reactived it ? 🙏🏻

Hi, I need help urgently. The my site is down and it may have something to do with payment; however, you don't have an option to make payment (there was and now it's gone -- this is a bug). Please help me get up and running immediately.

Dear you all. Any Hints for this site ?
I'm having the below message while try to connect:

This site can’t be reached refused to connect.

Checking the connection
Checking the proxy and the firewall

@DigitalOcean Support Team: Please resolve this issue

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