How to download a database from Managed Database Cluster?

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How to download a database from Managed Database Cluster (PostgreSQL)?


How to upload existing database to Managed Database Cluster (PostgreSQL)?

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MattIPv4 MOD July 12, 2019
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Hi there @Motash,

You should be able to achieve both of these by using the pg_dump and pg_restore command-line tools.

A command similar to the following should allow you to dump all the data from your remote PostgreSQL database to a single dump file:

  • pg_dump -h use_your_host -U use_your_username -Fc use_your_dbname > dbdump.pgsql

You can restore a dump file to the default database and user by running a command similar to this:

  • pg_restore -d 'use_your_connnectionURI' --jobs 4 use_your_dump_file

We cover both importing and exporting databases more detail in our product documentation for our managed databases (PostgreSQL):

Hope that helps!
- Matt.

Thank you. For pgdump I had to also add:
-p my
(in my case 25060).

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