How to install Drush without root access on a shared cPanel server?

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I have a shared cPanel Linux server and I don’t have root access to install drush. Can you please provide me with a step by step instructions guide on how to do that?


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In order to do that you would need SSH access. Then SSH to your server:


Then check if you have composer installed:

which composer

If you don’t get any output install composer:

curl -sS | php

Then move the composer.phar file to your local bin folder:

mv composer.phar ~/bin/composer.phar

Find the the path to your PHP binary:

which php

You should get something like this:


In your .bashrc file add the following:

alias composer="/opt/cpanel/ea-php72/root/usr/bin/php ~/bin/composer.phar"

Then run:

source ~/.barhrc

That way you would be able to use the composer command without havint to specify the full path each time.

After that, you can install Drush with:

composer global require drush/drush:dev-master

Then again to save some time you could add the following alias in your .bashrc:

alias drush="~/.config/composer/vendor/bin/drush"

Run source again:

source ~/.barhrc

And finally drush should be available, try it by runing just:


Hope that this helps!

  • I forgot to mention, in case that you need a specific Drush version you could run:

    composer global require drush/drush:6.4.0
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