How to install WordPress on the VPS

October 27, 2015 9.1k views
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I am new to the VPS world. I have an account with 2 droplets. I installed Sentora in one droplet to use as a control panel. I want to install WordPress in the other droplet.
I installed Sentora in the first droplet since I can't manage to create a subdomain to use for it (
I don't know if this is the right way to do it. But I am hoping that I can install WordPress in the main domain but I don't know how to. Is it possible to upload it instead of using the image?

2 Answers

You can manually install WordPress on your VPS. There is a great tutorial on how to install Wordpress on Ubuntu that you can find here: :)

by Justin Ellingwood
WordPress is the most popular content management system on the web. In this guide, we'll demonstrate how to install and configure it on an Ubuntu 14.04 server.

If you just want to quickly set up a Digital Ocean server for Wordpress then check out

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