How to save an edited text file in the Terminal window?

December 16, 2017 702 views
Linux Basics Ubuntu 16.04

This is probably an easy question but I am super lost. I am trying to use this tutorial: to set up a Minecraft server. I am trying to answer "true" to the EULA.txt file. I was able to change "false" to "true" but now I cannot figure out how to save the file, or exit or anything. I am using a Mac and using safari (which I recognize may be my issue). Please help! Thanks!!

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zachspears December 16, 2017
Accepted Answer

Found the answer:

Text Editor
:x Exit, saving changes
:q Exit as long as there have been no changes
ZZ Exit and save changes if any have been made
Inserting Text
i insert before cursor
I Insert before line
a Append after cursor

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