How to trigger deployment from github actions to Digital Ocean App Platform?

Posted November 2, 2021 102 views
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I have a .NET 5 Blazor webassembly application, that i would like to host in Digital Ocean Apps platform. It is great and i like it. But the thing that confuses me is build minutes limit. It is oss pet project, but i’m not sure if 100 build minutes per month will be enought. So i would like to build docker image somewhere else (oaky, you know github actions are perfect) and than host it in gihtub container registry.
So, the question is - how can i deploy this image to DO apps platform? And how can i trigger this automatically from the CI/CD pipeline?

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👋🏼 @zetroot

We are currently not charging for build minutes so you don’t need to worry about that. We’ll make sure all customers have been notified well in advance before we do start charging for build minutes.

If you’d still like to use GitHub Actions, you can either use this action which supports the use case you’re describing natively or roll your own using the doctl action.

Also, check out our Open Source Sponsorship program and definitely consider applying if your project qualifies!