Is backup service available for digital ocean volumes?

August 5, 2016 7.7k views

Similar to the backup service for droplets, is the backup service available for volumes?

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kamaln7 MOD August 5, 2016
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Right now, backups are not available for block storage volumes. The volumes are highly-available which means that there are multiple replicas of every volume hosted on different machines in order to prevent any data loss. With that in mind, we are working on providing a snapshots feature for volumes and will provide an update when that's available.

You can vote for this feature on our suggestions board and receive email notifications on any updates.

While still not offered by Digital Ocean, I run a service that can do daily to hourly backups of volumes.

or just create an identical-sized volume and rsync the two on a regular schedule..

@kamaln7 Any update on this?

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