Is my digital ocean DNS panel broken? Forces www and forces full web address in text boxes.

September 16, 2019 123 views
Ubuntu DNS


I have an issue with my Domain name panel on digital ocean. When I try to set up an A or CNAME thing it forces me to add stuff I don’t want.

So for CNAME it will add my full domain name (“”) at the end of anything I write. So if I type “a” it turns it into “”.

I have been trying to get rid of the www part of my domain so I can use “”, as well as using it for a mail server and some other stuff, which I can’t do until I get rid of this www.

I noticed people saying use @, but that returns the host name with the www. I never asked or specified I wanted www when I got the domain. I am with go daddy and have moved over my name servers.


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May I ask if the domain name was initially added in the control panel with the www prefix as well? This might explain why the www prefix is added on each record you try to create.

Usually the domain name is added/existing in the control panel without the www prefix and you need to create it either as CNAME or to the create separate A record.

Looking forward to your reply.

That may actually be it.


Yup, that is what I did. Thanks for that.

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