Max Amount of Block Storage Volumes on a Digital Ocean Account

August 6, 2018 1.8k views
Block Storage Kubernetes Ubuntu 18.04

Hi All,

Is there a limit to the number of block storage volumes an account can have?

I am trying to configure 4 kubernetes cluster each with one master and two agents. From there, each agent has two block storage volumes on DO, or 16 in total. However, once I hit 10 volumes, I am unable to create volumes via the portal or via the doctl cli doctl compute volume create xyz --region sfo2 --size xGiB.

Provided that 10 volumes is the limit, is there anyway to increase the allowable volumes?

Any assistance is much appreciated.

1 Answer

Hello friend!

Sounds like fun! I turned that limit up to 25 for you :)

Kind Regards,

  • Cheers mate! Thank you for the handy assistance :)

  • Hi Jarland.

    I need to use more volume for my many service on kubernetes.

    Any assistance is much appreciated.

  • Hello Jarland,

    I am currently experimenting with DigitalOcean CSI for multi-clusters Kubernetes, sadly I’ve used the limit of 10 volumes just now.

    Could you also help me in this matter? Thank you

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