MongoNetworkError: self signed certificate in certificate chain

Posted December 16, 2021 361 views
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I try to connect to a managed MongoDB from an Express/NodeJS component hosted in Digital Ocean apps. The MongoDB database is added as component to the app. This created a DATABASE_URL env variable and I’m using that.

But my express app crashes with MongoServerSelectionError: self signed certificate in certificate chain

What could cause that? I can connect from MongoDB compass, but that is a different connection string. (with certificate)

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2 answers

Hello, have you tried using the certificate that is provided by the bound environment variable?


And use the ssl cert provided by ${<db-name>.CA_CERT} (mapping to whatever env name you would like when you connect, making sure to specify the sslCA:

Thanks, not sure if this is the best way, but this works:

let mongoCertPath = path.resolve("./ca-certificate.crt");
if (process.env.CA_CERT) {
  fs.writeFileSync(mongoCertPath, process.env.CA_CERT);

let client = new MongoClient(process.env.DATABASE_URL, {
  sslCA: mongoCertPath,
let clientPromise = client.connect();