my droplet have just disappeared

Posted May 22, 2017 4.7k views

My droplet have just disappeared. Can you explain this?
I just sent a support ticket, I still did not receive a response half an hour ago. There should be some more urgent method of contact in critical cases like these. I do not have a phone number to communicate, just create a ticket and wait. It’s crazy, so all my backups created in the control panel disappeared.

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I want to clarify that the problem was solved. The fall of service was my fault. Thanks to the community for responding so fast friends. It gives me great peace of mind to know that we all help each other.
I do not consider myself an expert but I will begin to enter the community daily to try to help others in the same way you did with me. Thanks again

You’re not paying enough for a 30 minute support SLA. Wait until you get a response.

  • Yes, you’re right. It’s just that I do not understand how something as serious as this can happen. It’s just that. In this case the server is quite critical. Thanks for answering.

    • Your account might have been compromised, and implement redundancy for the future.

      • Compromised in what aspect? I have 4 other droplets and only that one was deleted, including all my automatic backups as well. It seems to be an administrative rather than a security problem. Thanks.


From the Dashboard, click on your avatar, followed by Settings – then from the left side menu, click on the Security link. Towards the bottom, you’ll see a header labeled “Security history” which will detail a list of recent events on your account.

If you see an event, or multiple events that are not from your IP or that you feel were not made by you, then I would get in touch with support immediately.

I would also consider enabling two-factor authentication (which can be done from the same page) to enhance account security beyond basic password authentication. You’ll have to use an application to get a login key, such as Google Authenticator (available on iOS and Android), each time you need to login.

  • I clicked the option “security”, in my log the last entry was 13 days ago. To create a backup image, with my IP address. The rest of log entries are today also with my ip.
    It should be noted that the service worked well until yesterday at 1am.
    Thank you very much for answering.

my droplet have just disappeared too…
I still did not receive a any response 1 hour ago…