My website is already running on LAMP. Is it possible to add free control panel like Webadmin or ISPconfig?

June 29, 2019 135 views
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Am a newbie. My website is already running on LAMP with specific configurations. Is it possible to install a control panel to manage a site that is already running? Specifically webadmin or ISPconfig. I want to add control panel because I want to easily add subdomains and manage other sites with much ease. Thanks

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jtittle MOD June 30, 2019
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The best option would be to deploy a new Droplet with a clean OS, install the control panel software of choice, and then migrate your data from the current Droplet to the new one.

All control panels that I am aware of, and that I have used in the past, use their own repositories to help speed up installation. When the installer encounters a conflict during the installation, it'll fail to ensure existing configuration or software isn't rendered unusable.

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