Next.js Static Site Requires .html extension in URL for Dynamic Routes

Posted October 30, 2020 2.5k views
DigitalOcean App Platform


I haven’t quite figured out why this is happening (and therefore don’t have a solution yet), but I’ve noticed that if I have /pages/[...slug].js to handle all pages including sub-directory style pages (eg, and, the sub-directory pages only work if .html is appended when deploying to DigitalOcean App Platform.

For example: works, but gives a 404 page. However does work (but isn’t desired behaviour).

It does work correctly locally ( loads) by the way.

If I figure out what’s going on I’ll submit a PR :)

This is cross-posted from this GitHub issue by joneslloyd

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It appears that this is because the generated files are in the form locations/new-york.html and so the .html extension is required for the CDN to locate the files. Fortunately there’s a configurable Next.js setting that turns these generated files into directories like locations/new-york/index.html which will allow you to use to access them. To enable this option, add the following to next.config.js:

module.exports = {
  trailingSlash: true,

(documentation reference)

I’ve tested this and you can see an example in this repo: