OLS WordPress from Marketplace does not work. 404 page. No interactive script after SSH with root

Posted May 13, 2019 3.3k views
Ubuntu 18.04OpenLiteSpeed WordPress 1-Click

I am trying out the OLS+WP from the Marketplace.

According to the guide (, after deploying the droplet....

1 - I should be able to see the OLS landing page when accessing the site using IP address – I see OLS 404 page instead
2 - When I SSH with root (using SSH key), an interactive script should load to complete the installation. Nothing there. I got a command prompt like always.

I can cd to /var/www/html and see the WordPress files there though.

Am I missing something? At this point, I am not sure what to do. Should I use the Marketplace or maybe I should just teach myself OLS and set this up by hand… Thought that I could test WP on OLS quickly though. I don’t OLS. Only have experience with Apache.

  • same here, the init script doesn’t seems to work at all and leaving OLS in 404 page with no wordpress configured

  • Same here, did you find out the solution or the team fixed it ?

  • Same problem, honestly surprised Digital Ocean put up this “one click” script which doesn’t seem to work at all. Is anyone having success with this? No interactive script when I access SSH. I get 404s when I try to access any page via http. And I can’t access the litespeed control panel, get ERRCONNECTIONTIMED_OUT instead.

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I was able to solve it by following steps:

  1. Login into LiteSpeed Admin at https://your_droplet_ip:7080
  2. Go to “Listener” menu item
  3. Look at the “Listener name” column and you will see 2 rows “Default” & “Defaultssl”
  4. Click on each row and go to the detail, there you will see “Virtual Host Mappings” at the bottom of the tab “General”.
  5. Edit it and change the domain to “yourdropletip”.
  6. Save and restart LS server when you are done for both “Default” & “Defaultssl”
  7. After that you have to SSH to the Droplet and start the MySQL by yourself because the MySQL server is not running.
service mysql start


Now we can access http://your_droplet_ip and we now can install Wordpress normally.

Making Accessible by CouchDB

In order for CouchDB to be able to access and use the certificates, you will need to make sure they are owned by the CouchDB user. Additionally, you will want to restrict other users from accessing these files by modifying the permissions to 600 (only owner can read and write).

Configuring CouchDB To Use The Certificates
Finally, we get back to our CouchDB server. Open up your local.ini file. On Ubuntu, this file can be found in /usr/local/etc/couchdb or /etc/couchdb/local.ini.

Add the following key value pairs to the specified sections:

httpsd = {couchhttpd, startlink, [https]}
port = 6984
keyfile = /path/to/ssl/certs/server.key
file = /path/to/ssl/certs/server.crt

If self signed, the following file is not needed:

cacert_file = /path/to/ssl/certs/comodo.crt