PuTTY unexpectedly stopped working after Nginx installation

April 14, 2017 1.4k views
Nginx Ubuntu 16.04

I’ve recently installed Nginx on my Ubuntu 16.04.2 Droplet via SSH and everything went well, until I closed PuTTY and tried to reconnect I received a “Network Error: Connection timed out” by PuTTY.

Does anyone experiencing the same issue? I have my datacenter region at London.

1 Answer

Hi @cstodor

Did you perhaps activate the firewall while installing Nginx?

Try to connect through Console on the control panel, then either allow SSH traffic:

sudo ufw allow 22

Or disable the firewall:

sudo ufw disable 
  • Thank you. That did the trick!
    It seems that I’ve locked myself out when enabling the firewall.

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