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January 11, 2017 1.3k views


I saw your referal program and that if you pay 25 you get 10 extra and the other person gets 25. But I found your site myself. So does that mean that if I want to use the referal program discount I need to create a second account?

because if I invest money in your site I would rather have $45 than $25. :P

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ryanpq MOD January 11, 2017
Accepted Answer


The referral credit can only be applied when you create an account using another user's referral link. We do also offer some promotion codes including ones provided by some podcasts, given out at events, etc which are also usually $10 in credit.

Since your account is new and you have not applied any promotion code or referral credit, I went ahead and applied the $10 credit to your account to get started.

Happy Hacking!

Thank you very much thats awesome!!! :)

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