Running a Unity game

Posted August 16, 2017 4.7k views
ApplicationsUbuntu 16.04

I have a Unity game and for server side cheat protection I have written the server inside Unity. So you actually have to run a Unity game in order to start the server. I was curious about what would happen if i tried to run it on a compute server since it doesn’t have a GPU. Would it work?

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3 answers

You can build unity app as a headless server that wont render any graphics.

It would work but it’d be extreamly slow.

I’m not sure about the specifics of Unity, but it would probably work. I have some doubts about the performance though.

As a weird little test project, I actually tried running DOOM on a Droplet with 1 CPU core a while back (over VNC for the graphics). It was really laggy, but ended up pretty smooth once I upped it to 2 cores.

Don’t know if that’s helpful, but it gives you a baseline of what you need to run a very simple game with 3D graphics.

  • This is not the correct answer.

    • What’s incorrect? I said that it would probably work, but have very poor performance. The difference between a Unity game and the original DOOM is tremendous. I’m not implying that the amount of processing power would be the same (or even comparable).

      • Your answer is just speculation, you don’t really know what youre talking about sry.
        Game servers don’t require same power that clients, they don’t need to render anything and apart from occasional physics heavy games, servers are designed to work with as less physics as possible, so it’s mostly pure game logic and data transfer. 5$ do droplet supports a lot of games, even heavy open world games (try running Hurtworld server on a 5$ droplet).

        • Perhaps I misunderstood the question - OP asked about the need for a GPU so I read that as a question about server side rendering. I was sharing an experience about doing just that.

          Note that this was not a DOOM server connected to a client. I ran the application on the server, and used VNC to pipe the graphics through to my local machine. Like I said, this was just a fun project that I tried to see if it would work.

          In any case you’re right, games are not my area of expertise. Thanks for clarifying in case someone reads my answer and takes away the wrong message.