Static site with Wordpress site in subdirectory inside it. Is it possible?

September 26, 2016 2.9k views
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Hi everybody,
I have a droplet created manually with 3 static sites and I'm going to create a new one with one click install Wordpress. Current one is with ubuntu 16.04 LEMP stack and had some conflict issues with mysql.

So my questions are this:
Is it possible to have static and wordpress sites in one droplet?

Is it possible to have a wordpress site inside a subdirectory of the main site? For example if I have a domain which will be static, can I have the wordpress site in ?

Is it hard to achieve it?

Thank you for your time

2 Answers
kamaln7 MOD September 26, 2016
Accepted Answer

Yes, it is definitely possible! The Wordpress One-Click uses Apache which does not need any additional configs. Follow WordPress's tutorial on moving a root install to its own directory and you should be fine. On the One-Click, WordPress is installed in /var/www/html/.

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