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May 3, 2014 12k views
I am a student and have been interested in using Digital Ocean for a while, after my horrible current hosting plan is up with another company(Who shall not be named) I 100% intend to switch over. As a result of being a student I am a little tight on money at the moment. I was wondering if there are any student discounts on hosting plans. Side note: I am interested in getting a plan with 2GB+ of memory, going to host a website as well as use Dokku and Gitlab
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Glad to hear you're considering DigitalOcean!

We don't offer student discounts per se, but we're always looking to help people get started building cool stuff. I'll follow up with you privately.
Has there been an update to this matter?

Hi I was hoping if you could help me out as well :)


Any update on this? I wanted to know if I could get droplets at academic pricing?


Sorry for the majour bump on this thread, but: GitHub is slow as all hell in accepting students. Maybe it's because I'm from a Norwegian university, but it's still really really annoying. I've waited for a month to get the pack now, and still no reply, just pending. DigitalOcean should consider getting their own discount program, as GitHub's seems pretty damn bad.
Oh well, just gonna have to rent a server without it... =/

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