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September 14, 2017 1.7k views
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My server port 587, 465, 25 were blocked by DO. I cannot send outgoing emails. Need to get the block lifted. After I provide related info to support, they seem to ignore me. 9 days without a response. Very frustrating… :(

Ticket No. #578581

Also, I send this to forum to let folks know that, if your email service is not working, and you cannot debug, it is probably because DO blocked the port.

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jarland MOD September 14, 2017
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Hey there,

I’m really sorry about that wait time. Our Trust & Safety team handles these particular requests, and they are a bit short handed right now. Help is on the way, we’re on the path to resolving that as we speak. In the meantime, I’ll take ownership of this for you and you can expect a reply very soon.

Kind Regards,
Platform Support Lead

  • Thanks mate for the quick response. It’s such a contrast for response time between tickets and community. Wish other folks not having such a hard time like me :)

    • Hey there,

      I hear you. I feel really bad about the wait times. I’m going to try to assign some relief to the Trust & Safety team this evening as well.

      Kind Regards,
      Platform Support Lead

      • Its always like this/??? why is the response time soo bad from your end! even i posted ticket and waiting for reply!!!!!! can you look into [Ticket #728798]

  • Hi, I’m new about this but I think I’m also facing the issue like him so could you help me?

    I tried to open port 465 on this command “sudo ufw allow 465/tcp” but it won’t work & after several hours finding WHY on Google maybe you have an initial SMTP block on new accounts created in certain contexts (https://www.digitalocean.com/community/questions/is-smtp-blocked-or-filtered) if so please lift my account asap, thanks.

@jarland isn’t kidding about the Trust & Safety team. I created my account like a month ago, and they have yet to verify me :(

Dears at DigitalOcean,
You have deactivated one of our most important droplets last Thursday. It has very critical, sensitive and irrecoverable data that our clients kept with us thinking it would be safe and secure, we also thought so since we deal with a big world-class provider like yourselves. We believe we did not commit any violation to your terms of service, therefore there is no reason you would interrupt our work which depends mainly and exclusively on your web servers. If you don’t fix this issue we will stop dealing with you again and we are warning the others in the field not to do also. Please give us a rational solution to the trouble you caused us.

Droplet IP:

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