Trusted sources not allowing connections from my IP

Posted November 28, 2019 2k views
DigitalOcean Managed Redis

1 Managed Redis Database
2 Droplets
1 Development computer

  • Linux Mint
  • NodeJS
  • ioRedis

When: Trusted Sources are empty (Open for everyone)
And: Using Connection Strings
Then: I can connect successfully from both my computer and the droplets

When: Trusted Sources are added,

  • Both droplets, and “Your current computer’s IP (....)” Then: it’s impossible to connect from my computer

I’m using the same testing script, I just change Trusted Sources and run again and it fails immediately.

What’s my IP gives the same result as the automatically IP in Suggested sources

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1 answer

Maybe you have a dynamic IP and you need to allow your whole IP rage.

Another thing that you could do is from your terminal run:


That way you will find your exact IP that your outgoing traffic is coming from.

  • @ServerEnthusiast

    Thanks so much! You’re awesome, I spent 3 weeks with Tech Support and the ticket was never resolved.

    This one did the trick:


    Thanks again

  • I ran the curl but it gave me an IPV6 address (digital ocean says it doesn’t support IPV6 for sources) so I re-ran with curl -4 which gave me an IPV4 address. I plugged that in and I still am unable to reach my database (unless I open it up and do not restrict its connections).

    For what it’s worth I use my cell phone’s hotspot a lot when I’m on the road and working and I only have this problem when using my cell phone hotspot (AT&T fwiw).

    The address that gave me IS different than what digital ocean detected as my IP address. perhaps it is constantly changing?

    update: I just re ran the curl command and I get the same address back every time. At least while I’m on the connection.