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  • Book

    How To Manage a Redis Database eBook

    This book aims to provide an approachable introduction to Redis concepts by outlining many of the key-value store's commands so readers can learn their patterns and syntax, thus building up readers' understanding grad...
    By Mark Drake Books Databases Redis NoSQL DigitalOcean Managed Redis
  • Question

    OpenLiteSpeed WordPress + Managed Redis. Connection Test: Failed

    Hello, I have created a droplet using the OpenLiteSpeed WordPress 1-Click image. I have also created a Managed Redis DB to use for object cache, however I am unable to connect the bundled LSCache WordPress plugin to t...
    Accepted Answer: It looks like redis-cli doesn't support SSL, so you need to take a few extra steps: ``` sudo apt update sudo apt install redis-tools stunnel4 sudo nano /etc/default/stunnel4 Add the following line: ENABLED=1 sudo nano...
    2 By PSNick OpenLiteSpeed WordPress 1-Click DigitalOcean Managed Redis
  • Question

    Recovery for Managed MySQL + Redis

    Hello, I'll soon start an e-commerce website for digital files based on WordPress and EDD and thought the ideal setup would be: OpenLiteSpeed Wordpress (from the marketplace) Managed MySQL Managed Redis Spaces for the...
    Accepted Answer: Hi there @PSNick, This sounds like a solid setup, I like it! It also gives you the chance to, later on, scale up your webserver to multiple web servers and add a load balancer. Regarding, the MySQL restore, I would re...
    1 By PSNick OpenLiteSpeed WordPress 1-Click DigitalOcean Managed MySQL Database DigitalOcean Managed Redis
  • Question

    Trusted sources not allowing connections from my IP

    Environment: 1 Managed Redis Database 2 Droplets 1 Development computer - Linux Mint - NodeJS - ioRedis Problem: When: Trusted Sources are empty (Open for everyone) And: Using Connection Strings Then: I can connect ...
    Accepted Answer: Maybe you have a dynamic IP and you need to allow your whole IP rage. Another thing that you could do is from your terminal run: curl That way you will find your exact IP that your outgoing traffic is co...
    1 By itzcoAndovar DigitalOcean Managed Redis
  • Question

    Add more logical database in redis

    Hello, for on-premise redis I can rise the number of internal databases by changing redis.conf in etc (databases 160). Is possibe to ask support about changing the count or is there any other way how to do that? Thank...
    Accepted Answer: Hi Pavel! There's currently no way to increase the number of logical databases in Redis on our Managed Databases product. By default, it supports 16 logical databases that can be accessed using the select option and c...
    1 By pavelcisar DigitalOcean Managed Redis
  • Question

    Using Redis Queue Instead of AWS SQS

    Hi, I am trying to set up a First In, First Out (FIFO) queue using DigitalOcean's Managed Redis hosting instead of AWS SQS. Now that I've set up and successfully connected to my Redis cluster, I am wondering: 1) How c...
    2 By jmarbachdo Redis DigitalOcean Managed Redis
  • Question

    Laravel using Managed Redist sometimes throws "Error while reading line from the server."

    My Laravel app sometimes throws "Predis\Connection\ConnectionException - Error while reading line from the server." exception. I used a managed Redis cluster from DigitalOcean. Do you guys face this type of error if y...
    1 By miigaa Laravel DigitalOcean Managed Redis
  • Question

    How to audit/log Managed Redis Database commands that have been ran

    I want to see that last commands executed in the past few hours to couple days on managed digital redis ocean. How can I achieved this?
    0 By thellimist DigitalOcean Managed Redis Redis
  • Question

    How to set timeout to 0 in Redis Managed Database?

    Hi, With using redis-cli, setting the timeout to 0 is as simple as running the command config set timeout 0. However, trying to do the same in Redli gives error. Is it possible to manually set this timeout in a DO Red...
    0 By dekev DigitalOcean Managed Redis
  • Question

    Problem with redli command on managed redis db

    I have set up a DO managed redis db and installed the redli command on my droplet. When I enter redli --tls -h <host> -a <password> -p 25061 on the droplet the db returns Connected to 5.0.6. But if I then enter any re...
    1 By JigsawBob DigitalOcean Managed Redis
  • Question

    How to setup SSL tunnel with stunnel

    Hi, Digital Ocean send us to Redis-stunnel ( in connection errors link. But this not explain how to achieve...
    0 By dalia DigitalOcean Managed Redis
  • Question

    Is DigitialOcean's Managed Redis a good solution for a high traffic pubsub redis instance?

    Hello. I have need for a Redis server which primarily does pub/sub. Notably, two channels will each see an average of ~4 publishes per second. Does this use case fit well with DigitialOcean's Managed Redis solution?
    1 By lavanderson DigitalOcean Managed Redis
  • Question

    Can I rely on Managed Redis to save my data?

    Redis's documentation ( states that to get the same kind of persistence you'd expect from a relational database like Postgres you should enable both AOF and RDB. I'm looking for a R...
    1 By elmehalawi Redis DigitalOcean Managed Redis
  • Question

    Is aioredis (async python) supported on DOManaged redis server?

    I am trying to subscribe to a redis channel using aioredis (python) : python async def testAioredis(G): if redisHost != 'localhost': #use digital ocean redis server redis = await aioredis.create_connection...
    0 By vsvconsult DigitalOcean Managed Redis
  • Question

    Cannot connect managed Redis via redli - no such host

    I've tried to create multiple managed redis databases in multiple regions. All have the same issue. I'm using redli, the recommended CLI for redis. Whenever I try the connection string as provided in "Connection detai...
    2 By cpatarun DigitalOcean Managed Redis
  • Question

    Clarification on Cross Project Service Availabilty

    Hi there, I remember reading in documentation that DO offered private networking across services in a single account or team, but I’d like clarification of my understanding before I dive in with DO. My thought is that...
    1 By firrae DigitalOcean Managed PostgreSQL Database DigitalOcean Managed Redis DigitalOcean Accounts
  • Question

    redli set config keyspace

    Hi there! We are implemenitng redis database offered by Digitalocean. Currently having troubleshooting on configuring the database. We are aware that redis does not support SSL/TLS support therefore digital ocean offe...
    0 By Tural DigitalOcean Redis DigitalOcean Managed Redis