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Hi, I’m having a hard time deciphering DigitalOcean’s pricing plans, which maybe should be a red flag, but I’ll ask my question anyway. I have a site for data analysis, that most likely only me and a few other folks will use. The site will use RubyOnRails 4 and PostGres 9.5. However, the site will require a lot of database space, at least in terms of rows. Likely I will need about 25 million rows of data. This would be the equivalent of about 4 GB of space. What type of plan should I get and what is the approximate monthly cost?

Thanks, - Dave

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If your app takes 4 GB of disk space even $5 Droplet will do, but it only have 512 MB RAM, which can make problem if your app is RAM intensive.
Your main concern should be RAM usage of the app. If your app runs out of RAM, you are risking of it being killed.
You should select your Droplet size by how much RAM you need.

If your app groves or you need more RAM/CPU, you can always upgrade you Droplet which will give you more space (keep in mind, once you select droplet with more disk space, you can’t downgrade to previous).

If you run out of disk space but you’re OK with RAM/CPU you have, you can consider Block Storage. Block Storage will allow you to create volume with space starting from 1 GB, to maximum of 16 TB. You use it normally like any other disk, which you can attach/detach and resize anymore.
You can learn more about Block Storage here.

  • How much does the droplet cost that has more than 512 MB of RAM, say 1 GB of RAM?

    • 1 GB of RAM costs $10 monthly. It gives you 1 GB RAM, 1 CPU, 30 GB SSD space and 2 TB transfer. On Pricing page you can learn more about Droplets cost

      • Thanks for the information. Does the RAM include both teh RAM used by the web/application server and database? Also is the 30 GB SSD inclusive of all database storage?

        Again thanks for your answers . Unfortunately the link you sent doesn’t reveal any pricing information. There is a “Get Started” button but when I click on that I’m asked to login or have some confirmation email re-sent.

        • I’ve tried link, and it is working flawless. It does have Get Started but if you scroll down you should be able to see pricing? What browser/OS does you use, maybe it is bug?

          Anyways try directly going to it -
          If you having still problem, I made screenshot for you -

          RAM you get is being used by OS for its minimal needs + for web/applications server and database.
          This same applies to 30 GB SSD. You get 30 GB SSD, but some space of it is being used by OS and it is packages.
          In my experience for both case usage is very minimal. About SSD space, as far as I know somewhere about 2 GB is being used by OS. About RAM, it is almost ignorable, I’m not sure about exact usage but its something low.

Hello, all

Choosing the right Droplet plan depends on your workload. An oversized Droplet would underuse its resources and cost more, but an undersized Droplet running at full CPU or memory would suffer from degraded performance or errors.

You can also resize a Droplet to a larger plan after creation, including resizing to a larger Droplet plan of a different kind. For example, you can resize from a Basic Droplet plan to a larger CPU-Optimized Droplet plan. See the Droplet pricing page for a full list of plans and prices.

You can always check our tutorial on Choosing the Right Droplet Plan

Hope that this helps!