Why do I see "Welcome to nginx on Debian!" when installing Nginx on Ubuntu?

August 7, 2015 4.4k views
LEMP Nginx Ubuntu

I followed the instructions here to install LEMP stack on Ubuntu 15.04, but on testing nginx in the browser I see on screen "Welcome to nginx on Debian!", where it should be "Welcome to nginx on Ubuntu!"

I hope it does not make much of a difference, if anybody can let me know. Thanks.

3 Answers

short answer: thats because the ngix maintainers was to lazy to change a word :=)
long answer: the ngix package was built for debian but then waterfalled for ubuntu and other distroes based on debian

  • That's okay if it works. One other tutorial I was following showed a screen welcoming on Ubuntu so I had my doubts. Thanks for your reply.

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