Why "wp-login.php" wordpress login is showing account doesn't exists

Posted October 16, 2020 2k views

The main Issues is that I am entering the email address & password that I used in creating my WordPress site in digital Ocean but It shows that the email address & username doesn’t exist even I checked in my PhpMyAdmin “WordPress” “wp-user” and I am using the right email, username and password but still it shows that user doesn’t exist. However, I tried changing password by using “lost password” section but in that whenever I enter my username or email to get password reset link it shows user doesn’t exits, so what should I do to fix it, please help…

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Hi there @newwayelegant,

What I could suggest is using the wp-cli command to create a new user.

To do that you need to SSH to your Droplet then cd into your /var/www/html folder and run:

  • wp user create your_user --role=administrator

Let me know how it goes!

  • What command I need in putty to make this possible

  • I copied this command and pasted into my putty and then changed “username” and “Gmail” to what I had and then enter but it shows Error. I think this command is different for Putty, can tell what it is for Putty apache2 server. For more details, you can see this ScreenShot of my Putty after I run the command.

    and thank you very much brother for your reply.

    • Hi there @newwayelegant,

      It looks like that the command is warning you not to run it as root and it is suggesting to create a low privileged shell user.

      If you don’t want to create a new user now, you could run the following command:

      • wp user create your_user --role=administrator --allow-root

      If you prefer to add a low privileged user, you could do an initial server setup as described here:

      Hope that this helps!

      by Justin Ellingwood
      by Erika Heidi
      This guide will walk you through a few procedures that you should take early on in order to create a solid foundation for your new Ubuntu 18.04 server, before moving on to installing and configuring any software or services.
      • Brother, I tried the above command but again It shows some error that “Unknow error Creating New User” you can see in thisError link screenshot, What should I do…

        appreciate your help…

      • Whenever I try to login in WordPress or try to recover a new through “Lost password” it shows that the user doesn’t exist even in PHPMyAdmin I saw everything is right, I think WordPress is not connecting with my PhpMyAdmin. If I am wrong than Its just a theory, I am a Beginner. Please help somehow…

      • More information for you, Recently I have migrated my site and before Migration, I have taken a back-Up of the whole site and then deleted the whole site that was associated with “” email, than I created a new droplet of WordPress 5.5.1 on ubuntu 20.04 then with putty I made a new site which username is “root” and email is “” then I install every necessary thing such as “Creating new user of My SQL, PhpMyAdmin, SSL-certificate, and mare other things,” then I deleted /var/www/html file with Filezilla and Uploaded the whole file of my site that I backed-Up, then I upload database that I have taken back-Up from the previous site in PhpMyAdmin and everything got set-up until I tried login into my WordPress account, and It shows user doesn’t exist. However, If you need more information with anything ask, brother…