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Posted June 5, 2020 954 views
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My website does not work consistently.
First and foremost, let us say that this is my first website ever. I have followed all the instructions I could find on DigitalOcean and I have also browsed the questions, but nothing seemed to help (and mostly nothing made sense to me).
So, please, explain things in the most dumbed down version possible.

I set up a Wordpress website, went as far as setting up the SSH key, and I do have a DNS set up (at least I think I do). I can open my website through the IP address, but never managed to open it through the domain on my computer.
This is how it appears: (I am too much of a noob to figure out how to put images here, but it’s basically Chrome’s page saying to check the DNS and such)
I tested on another computer and it did show the website. Same network, same operating system (Windows 10), even same model of computer. I have also tested on different browsers (Chrome and Firefox) on my computer, but nothing. On a third computer (running some version of Linux, don’t ask me which), it didn’t work either.

Also, this is how my DNS page looks:

What am I doing wrong? Please, help me.
I am desperate and very lost.

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2 answers

After lots of stress and random blind attempts, I managed to fix my website!

If anyone is also struggling with this, here is what was wrong for me:
1) I did not have a DNS entry for my website with www. in front.
Solution: on DigitalOcean, go to the Networking tab and add a entry

2) Apparently, some file was missing on my Wordpress or Apache Server and, because of that, it was failing to find a .json (I only vaguely understood this)
Solution: log into you admin page on Wordpress, then go to Settings > Permalink. Change the settings to something else and save. It should force the creation of the missing file for you.

After that, all was solved.

Hi there @giugiatroisi,

Actually your website seems to be loading at my end as expected.

Note that once you make a DNS change it could take up to 24-48 hours for the DNS cache to clear over the Globe before you could see the actual change.

Hope that this helps and let me know if you have any other questions!

  • Hey, Bobby!
    Thank you so much for your answer. After lots of testing and trying absolutely random solutions, I found that all that was missing was adding the DNS entry with the www. prepended. Such a silly thing took me a week to fix.