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    "[domain] is inaccessible, please verify" SSL error server migration

    2 answers12 days agoBy tommyoshaughnessy
    Initial Server Setup

    Hosting Service for Magento latest version ecommerce website server & storage space buying

    1 answer14 days agoBy enquiry
    DigitalOcean Dropletse-commerceEmailGhostInitial Server SetupServer OptimizationStorage

    Lets encrypt challange fails

    1 answer21 days agoBy Daniel Rosenberg
    Initial Server SetupSecurity

    What is the best way about hosting three services

    2 answers23 days agoBy Daniel Rosenberg
    Initial Server Setup

    How To Automate Initial Server Setup of Multiple Ubuntu 22.04 Servers Using Ansible

    29 days agoBy finid
    AnsibleUbuntu 22.04Configuration ManagementGetting StartedInitial Server Setup

    Is it possible to serve multiple dynamic websites from one Ubuntu 20.04 droplet?

    2 answers1 month agoBy zzork
    DigitalOcean DropletsInitial Server SetupNode.jsUbuntu 20.04

    Initial Server Setup with Rocky Linux 9

    2 months agoBy Alex Garnett
    Getting StartedInitial Server SetupLinux BasicsRocky LinuxRocky Linux 9

    How to access Wordpress after creating a droplet

    2 answers3 months agoBy Wouter Eerkens
    Initial Server SetupWordPress

    Only console login works - new droplet - existing SSH key used during creation - "Server refused key" error

    2 answers4 months agoBy ipromisebank
    DigitalOcean DropletsInitial Server SetupUbuntu 22.04

    How to Use Ansible to Automate Initial Server Setup on Ubuntu 22.04

    4 months agoBy Erika Heidi, Tony Tran
    AnsibleAutomated SetupsInitial Server SetupUbuntu 22.04

    ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR when making a request to my servers droplet IP

    1 answer4 months agoBy BubblyTurquoiseShrimp
    APIDigitalOcean DropletsInitial Server SetupSecurity

    Simple Site Keeps Crashing.

    2 answers4 months agoBy GazaGeniius
    DigitalOcean DropletsInitial Server Setup

    Unable to connect with SSH or SFTP (new user)

    2 answers5 months agoBy Stephen Vavasis
    Initial Server Setup

    AppPlatform and managed databases - newbie

    No answers yet5 months agoBy Cristobal Lanzagorta
    ApplicationsBuilding on DigitalOceanConfiguration ManagementDigitalOceanDigitalOcean Managed PostgreSQL DatabaseGetting StartedInitial Server SetupSolutionsDigitalOcean Spaces

    I accidentally removed the /var/log folder. What should I do?

    Accepted Answer Available
    1 answer6 months agoBy aljrico
    Initial Server SetupLogging

    How to set up a global server that can connect to services like Photon?

    1 answer6 months agoBy Lukas Kebel
    Initial Server Setup

    How do I get Nginx/Gunicorn to load static files from Django?

    2 answers6 months agoBy Brian
    DjangoInitial Server SetupNginx

    My cloud config template file does not seem to be working when I use it to boot up a droplet in Digital Ocean?

    No answers yet6 months agoBy Andres Jaramillo
    DigitalOcean DropletsInitial Server SetupTerraform

    ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED when i want to deploy a war file to tomcat

    1 answer6 months agoBy tselawe706
    APIDigitalOcean Cloud FirewallsFirewallInitial Server SetupUbuntu

    Best practice: Should I make separate project for dev/staging, or just add new droplet in same project?

    1 answer7 months agoBy Jihad
    DigitalOcean DropletsDjangoInitial Server SetupVue.js