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    Can someone help to check this nginx conf file?

    Hi, I feel something is not right in my nginx conf. file, on how I set the file request. Both old and new uploaded images to my website causing mixed content error. Many thanks! etc/nginx/nginx.conf ```nginx user ...
    2 By nurbliss25 Nginx
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    Fresh WordPress install Showing WSOD (White Screen of Death)

    I am running Debian Buster with Nginx, PHP 7.3 and the latest WP v. 5.3.2. Everything works as it should in my local test env. When I push things to my DO droplet it gets wonky. My site works in full – and I can login...
    Accepted Answer: *** SOLVED *** I discovered (belatedly) that the pages were actually loading, just unable to render. Found Content-Security-Policy errors and traced it back to this line in my nginx config for this site. ``` add_heade...
    By kerns WordPress PHP Nginx
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    how do i know if nginx has correct configuration file? To fix and avoid mixed content error

    Hi there, I think I have configure the SSL and nginx correcty by using the guides.
    Accepted Answer: Hi @nurbliss25, In my experience mixed content comes from the website links it's using and not the Nginx configuration. Depending on the CMS/Framework you are using the links for your images,css files, javascript file...
    By nurbliss25 Nginx
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    Random websites appear in Nginx access.log

    Hi, I'm new to running a website on a server. I have Nginx set up and was looking at the access.log file just to see what's in it and the format of it. I can make sense of most of it but there are some lines, for exam...
    Accepted Answer: Hello, This has actually happened to me in the past, I had a Droplet and I was seeing GET requests to a random domain name in my access logs. It turned out that the domain name was abandoned but it was still pointing ...
    By ivanvelickovic277 Nginx
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    How to restrict ip in Nginx?

    Hi, I have two droplets. The first droplet is my frontend and the second is my backend. The first droplet use nginx as proxy reverse. So if client/browser access my site, the first droplet ccall the second droplet to ...
    1 By dmm2019 Nginx Docker
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    Can't Access Local Site pages from Local Network

    I have a website using Nginx server located on Ubuntu i need to access this website from the other network machines, i configured the hosts file well, the Nginx server working well, the postgres sql working well, the ...
    1 By aaraby Nginx Networking
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    how to configure the domain name on nginx with odoo

    how to configure the domain name on nginx with odoo
    1 By mukadidaniel2 Nginx
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    413 Request Entity Too Large - NGINX

    Hey guys, I am trying to upload files larger than 200mb using a netcore app deployed to a kubernetes cluster with a load balancer. When I post to the endpoint the file I get an NGINX error 413 Request Entity Too Large...
    1 By tomescumihail93 Nginx Kubernetes Load Balancing
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    Nginx config works with IP but not with domain name! What should I do??

    i get a html page when i run nginx , but I don't receive any answers when I type in the chat box
    1 By mah2oud Applications Nginx Ubuntu
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    Ubuntu 18.04 + Nginx + Passenger : not serving any pages

    Hi, i'm trying to set up a RoR + Nginx/Passenger environment, using this tutorial : However, i'm facing this following issue : desp...
    1 By geoffreydigitalocean Nginx Ubuntu 18.04 Ruby on Rails
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    How to set page cache expires to 7 days?

    I am using varnish with default magento 2.3.3 VCL and the default nginx configuration that comes with magento install. At present I see the expires is set to -1. How can I set expires to one week? status: 200 content...
    1 By riyaaaz Nginx
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    SMTP error (gmail)

    I try to send an email via smtp but I get an error from nginx Server Error (500). if I run the site on a local machine, then the letters go away, but the server fails. result from command netstat -ntlp | grep LISTEN t...
    1 By MrWhilter Python Nginx
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    nginx with proxy protocol , ssl handshake failed

    Hello everyone , I have a nginx webserver behind DO Loadbalance I have around 12 domains in my webserver some domains direct to Loadbalnce's IP directly and other redirect to it via cloudflare recently I faced a probl...
    1 By abdulazizallan Nginx Load Balancing
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    Unable to start nginx service on centos server,

    Hello, I'm unable to start nginx service which is installed on centos server, The error states as follow, " Job for nginx.service failed because the control process exited with error code. See "systemctl status nginx...
    1 By eldholab1992 CentOS Nginx
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    Not sure why I can't access my web servers (Ubuntu server on Hyper-V) from host OS (Windows)

    My environment: Host OS with Hyper-V Ubuntu Server. I am running 5 containers (2 DB, 2 Wordpress, 1 NGINX). Here is everything I setup and the NGINX config output. I followed these steps from another dev. **I created ...
    1 By rememberingreaganphotos Apache Docker Nginx
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    When going to my server in the browser, it shows the CentOS welcome page instead of nginx. How can I fix that?

    I am running CentOS 7 on a droplet that I'll be using as a web server. When I go to http://myserverip, it displays the "Welcome to CentOS" page. I've followed the instructions to install, start, and enable nginx, but...
    Accepted Answer: Hello, Based on the netstat output that you've provided, I don't see Nginx running on your server. I've noticed that you've shared the article on how to install Nginx on Debian 10. I would recommend following the step...
    By esquire Nginx CentOS
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    How to update nginx & php

    Hi there, I would like to Update NGINX & PHP & Ubuntu to the current version's. **Current: ** **Server Info: nginx/1.14.0 PHP Version: ** I have already used google but in thi...
    1 By danielmire Nginx Linux Basics
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    How do I correct a "connection timed out" error during http-01 challenge propagation with Cert-Manager?

    I'm following the How to Set Up an Nginx Ingress with Cert-Manager on DigitalOcean Kubernetes (
    3 By jftanner Kubernetes Nginx Let's Encrypt
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    TLS v 1.3 Not working on Nginx

    I have Ubuntu 18.04, Nginx version 1.17.6, OpenSSL version 1.1.1 . - I believe those satisfy requirements for TLS 1.3. In my /etc/nginx/nginx.conf file I added TLSv1.3 like so: ssl_protocols TLSv1 TLSv1.1 TLSv1.2 TLS...
    1 By geochanto Ubuntu 18.04 Security Let's Encrypt Nginx
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    DO Let's encrypt certificate + nginx

    Hi, I just generated certificate (Security->Add Certificate) for a domain. But what should I do next? I have Nginx server running on Ubuntu. I need to configure 443 port for Nginx, but this requires to set a path to c...
    2 By lequal Nginx