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    ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED after changer domain IP

    I changer my domain that was pointing to one droplet to another but im now getting ERRCONNECTIONREFUSED since more than an hour, if i go directly to the ip address it work: my nginx file is simp...
    1 By crashbdx Nginx
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    Webserver Nginx download the index file when I want to go to the first page

    this is my Nginx config file ``` ############# DOMAIN domainname.COM #################### server { servername; rewrite ^(.*)$1 permanent; return 301 $schem...
    0 By redscience Nginx WordPress
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    Configuring Laravel-websockets with ssl on nginx

    I have been trying to connect websockets with laravel on nginx with ssl but i have been getting this error. It works fine on my local computer. I have been getting this error in the console: app.js:2 WebSocket conne...
    0 By Arpi7 Laravel Nginx DigitalOcean
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    Can't get unicorn to run - Ubuntu 20.04 Ruby on rails

    I'm trying to get a simple ruby on rails app running. I created a droplet with Ununtu 20.04 Trying to use NGINX/UNICORN getting a 403/nginx/1.18.0 (Ubuntu) error I set up /config/unicorn.rb Permissions seem to be rig...
    1 By cgmendla Nginx
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    NGINX not listening to port 5000

    Hi, I am currently using AWS EC2 (Ubuntu) instance to run a bot, I've already set up a Letsencrypt SSL using Certbot NGINX, however it fails to listen to the 'port:5000'. The webpage loads with the SSL, however the i...
    1 By ncode Ubuntu 20.04 Nginx Go
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    NGINX not pointing to localhost

    I can access my server running in a Docker container w/ port and (for accessing remote Postgres server on ElephantSQL). I had this running @ one point behind an NGINX server in DigitalOcean ...
    1 By Drunner4 Nginx Docker
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    Wordpress website shows: 403 Forbidden on Ubuntu Nginx

    Hello I have a WordPress website running under Ubuntu 18 and Nginx and I get the following error "403 Forbidden" When I check the error log I can see these problems pretty much every single time "106 directory index o...
    1 By boriszegarac Ubuntu 18.04 Nginx WordPress
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    Nginx showing homepage on all URLs

    I'm trying to deploy this PHP app that was developed by a third-party web developer. I have no idea how exactly this was written so the nginx configuration file I'm using isn't working. When I access the root URL (www...
    2 By hasibuzzamantonmoy Nginx PHP
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    PHP-FPM and NGINX with Wordpress redirect (sometimes) to weird url and blank page

    I followed many tutorials here and thanks to the community I was able to set up a LEMP stack, running on Debian 10 with Nginx 1.18, php 7.4.9, WP5.5.1 Multisite. Everything is working very well but one thing, which is...
    1 By pietroOP WordPress Nginx PHP
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    Dockerized django app not accessible via web

    I am following a tutorial on how to dockerize django with postgres, gunicorn and nginx on an ubuntu 20.04 system. (see as reference: ) Un...
    1 By mikewinkel Django Nginx Docker
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    Should I use nginx or route53 for redirect?

    I have a question what should I use for subdomain redirection I want to create and then redirect it to I try to do thet with nginx server{ server_name 301 https:...
    1 By cedoburic Nginx
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    Cannot POST to /api location using nginx

    Hey, everyone! I have a site running on the 443 port using create-react-app and Express for the backend. I have the following /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/default file (Using to protect the privacy of my ...
    1 By ricsasa201 Node.js React Nginx
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    media files returns 404 not found

    my nginx file looks like: ``` location = /favicon.ico { accesslog off; lognot_found off; } location /static/ { alias /home/me/projectdir/static/; } location /media/ { alias /home/me/projectdir/media/; } locati...
    Accepted Answer: Hi there @elprincipe, Do you see any errors in your Nginx error log? You can check that with the following command: command,bash sudo tail -100 /var/log/nginx/error.log It is quite possible that Nginx does not have t...
    1 By elprincipe Nginx Python PostgreSQL Django Python Frameworks Ubuntu 18.04 Databases
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    Nginx server block displaying wrong site on droplet

    I have 3 sites on one droplet. The first two work fine, but as I add a third following this guide ( it d...
    2 By CanuckLuck Nginx
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    How to Redirect Droplet IP Access to Domain URL

    Hello everyone, I followed DO's tutorial ( along with all the pre-requisites which also include securing Nginx with C...
    2 By dhananjaygbhardwaj WordPress Nginx
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    Serving React frontend and Flask backend with Nginx reverse proxy

    I've been trying to set up a React frontend and a Flask backend using Nginx as a reverse proxy to differentiate the two. I have the flask backend running a Gunicorn server on localhost:5000, but I can't seem to get th...
    1 By wenzelstev Nginx React Python Frameworks API
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    SSL Error: How to use Nginx with Node.js App using Express and

    I am runnning into an SSL error when setting up Nginx as a reverse proxy for a Node.js app. This app uses Express to serve static content and to manage Websocket connections. The error occurs on the client ...
    1 By bicycle Node.js Nginx
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    Prevention of Host Header Attacks with Nginx

    I followed a tutorial on configuring Nginx to prevent host header attacks on Meduim ( I placed the statement in the...
    Accepted Answer: Nevermind, figured it out after playing around with it and it seems work placed in the sites-enabled/mydomain file in the server section.
    1 By mspe Nginx
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    How to create subdomain

    Hello. I am attempting to set-up a subdomain on the domain droplet with the NGINX server on Ubuntu 20.04 to implement a DMARC record for my outgoing Gmail through a WordPress SMTP plugin with preconfigured SPF & DKIM ...
    Accepted Answer: Hi, It looks like you try to create new subdomain <^>_dmarc<^> for your domain. So, the message you get is 100% OK, domain name cannot contain underscore sign. If you want to create DMARC record, you need to add TXT r...
    2 By MALbISH Email Nginx Ubuntu 20.04 DigitalOcean
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    Domain pointed to vps, nginx is not pickign it up.

    I followed this tutorial: to set up a ShareX custom uploader using a vps. I have set up my Nginx files on my droplet...
    1 By 332006 Nginx