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    "Nginx welcome to nginx" displays www. prefix; works fine without.

    I set up Lets encrypt using Certbot, everything works fine when I view my website via “”, however when I use “” I get a welcome to nginx landing page. I’ve attempted to fix this by following ...
    Accepted Answer: Hi there @mrvd, Your Nginx configuration looks all correct. What I could suggest is checking if your www version has a CNAME DNS record pointing to your main domain. You can use this DNS tool to check that here: https...
    2 By mrvd Nginx Linux Commands
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    Node API served with NGINX cannot serve images

    I have built an Ubuntu server and I have installed Node, Mongo, and NGINX. I have a Node API server that interacts with MongoDB. I also have an Agular app that interacts with the API and successfully stores data in Mo...
    2 By andrchas Nginx
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    nginx server shows 403 error: directory index of > “/home/deploy/my_app/current/public/” is forbidden

    Everything was working fine earlier. I got message on Digital Ocean server and so upgraded a few packages on droplet (Ubuntu 18.04 LTS). Since then the site is broken and I get 403 error. I have restarted nginx severa...
    Accepted Answer: The problem is resolved. In file nginx.conf the following line needed uncommenting. ``` Phusion Passenger config Uncomment it if you installed passenger or passenger-enterprise ``` include /etc/nginx/passenger.conf;
    3 By codecutter Nginx Ruby on Rails
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    Nginx 502 proxy_pass connect() failed (111: Connection refused) while connecting to upstream

    Adding common proxy_pass to another container on server and getting this error (in title). Found some issues, but it seems they doesn't help me. :( Backend is on 8080 port netstat -plant ``` tcp 0 0 127.0....
    1 By usapharmacydashboard Nginx
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    [Nginx + Wordpress] Any endpoints not ending in .php return 404

    For example, trying to call /wp-admin results in 404, whereas /wp-admin/index.php works flawlessly. I reckon this won't play nice in the future. I imagine this has something to do with a rewrite issue, but I don't kno...
    Accepted Answer: I remedied this behaviour by moving the contents of my wordpress folder down into the wordpress/home directory. My project structure used to be: . ├── ecosystem.config.js/ ├── index.js/ ├── lib/ │   [...] ├── node_mo...
    2 By Medallyon Nginx WordPress Ubuntu 18.04
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    Unable to set Nginx reverse proxy in my droplet ubuntu 20.4?

    Hi Team, Am unable to copy and paste the below properly qs it is replacing the other code on /etc/nginx/sites-available/default nginx location / { proxy_pass http://localhost:3000; proxy_http_version 1...
    1 By shivaprasad Nginx
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    While trying to renew certbot certificate, got an error. (Nginx, Certbot, Node.js)

    This is the error: ``` Performing the following challenges: http-01 challenge for nginx: [warn] conflicting server name "" on, ignored nginx: [warn] conflicting server name ...
    Accepted Answer: I solved it, I needed to add the nginx pid number: ps -ef | grep nginx and then write the pid to the file located in /run/ Then I run the command again and it worked
    1 By belogolovnikas Nginx Node.js
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    Why Nginx add query string ?next= to my django url path

    Hi. i followed digitalocean tutorial at (
    0 By jlsk6 Django Nginx
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    nginx syntax error - listen directive not allowed

    Hello, I have been following through a few different articles, but am now getting an error. ``` "listen" directive not allowed here... listen [::]:443 ssl; # managed by certbot ``` After I set up certbot it was fine, ...
    Accepted Answer: Hi there, Can you run the following command to test your Nginx config syntax: sudo nginx -t And then share the output here. Also, can you share your whole Nginx server block here as well? Regards, Bobby
    2 By patrickb Nginx LEMP Let's Encrypt WordPress DigitalOcean
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    configuration for nginx for static files in Nodejs

    Hi all , I am a beginner with Node. I followed the guide and everything is working fine but I am havi...
    0 By angeloonofri Nginx Node.js
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    Fixing 502 Bad Gateway Nginx

    Hi, I am coming from youtube video about fixing 502 Bad Gateway Nginx. I have a Postal SMTP server installed on Ubunt...
    1 By amer001 Nginx Apache
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    Increase file upload size doesn't work (nginx.conf / php.ini)

    I'd like my site visitors to be able to upload photos through a simple form. I'm using Statamic CMS (v2) that's been deployed via Laravel Forge. I've added client_max_body_size 20M; in the http section of my nginx.con...
    2 By kvkooten Laravel PHP DigitalOcean Nginx Initial Server Setup Server Optimization
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    Nginx new server block still going to default page

    Hello, I am new to the Ubuntu world and have been following the article, however I have run into a bit of a problem! I have got to...
    2 By patrickb Nginx DigitalOcean Ubuntu 20.04 Ubuntu
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    Nginx always give me 504 error on wordpress

    I got nginx 504 Gateway Time-out when trying to install plugin from wordpress dashboard. this is the error I got from log. 2020/12/22 21:12:35 [error] 7695#0: *2188 upstream timed out (110: Connection timed out) while...
    1 By stupidboy Nginx CentOS 8 PHP WordPress
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    Проблема с прокси nginx с node js приложением

    Опишу вам поэтапно, как настраиваю сервер 1)Делаю дроплет на Centos 8 2)Вхожу в систему и меняю пароль 3)Создаю нового юзера и задаю пароль adduser shmzl passwd shmzl 4)Даю ему привилегию sudo gpasswd -a shmzl wheel 5...
    1 By mixup12 CentOS 8 Nginx Node.js MySQL
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    Error 404 when I slugify my url NGINX

    I was following this tutorial on how to deploy on digital ocean(Link) ( is able to find all...
    1 By tristanlimyj Nginx Django
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    Nginx converts POST request to GET request Laravel

    I have a running a Laravel project on Nginx, every thing works fine except when I want to login via the API, I use Passport for authentication, but when I try to login it returns with 404 and a message "The GET method...
    Accepted Answer: I solved it by adding SSL certification to the server and enabling HTTPS in server configuration.
    2 By abdelnasserahmed96 Nginx Laravel API
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    502 error for deploying flask + nginx + uwsgi in centos

    I was following the following tutorial: to deploy a flask app on our hosting but I am running into a pe...
    1 By abhyudayasrinet Python Flask Nginx CentOS
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    Fedora 33 with Nginx - This site can't be reached

    I am a long time user of Digital Ocean, I have managed multiple droplets regularly using CentOS or Ubuntu. So I decided today to use a Fedora 33 instance and install Nginx. So I did everything as always, my domain is ...
    1 By JWBrownie Nginx Fedora
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    Wordpress and nginx all pages works fine except for non-existent .php

    I configured my WordPress website on Nginx and everything works fine but for non-existent .php pages Those return the nginx default 404 page not found why ? location / { #try_files $uri $uri/ =404; try_fi...
    1 By mhcoding1 Nginx WordPress Ubuntu