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    upstream timed out (110: Connection timed out) while reading response header from upstream

    Since a while I'm experiencing 501 timeouts on my DO hosted WP website. I checked /var/log/nginx/error.log and I've gotten about two errors per minute (they stopped all of the sudden and my website is online again sin...
    0 By angieCoral Nginx LEMP
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    Hi, Im getting connection Refused error on Nginx and dotnet combination.

    Here is my Nginx config. ```nginx server { listen 80; servername; location ...
    1 By samynmhd Nginx
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    bigbluebutton 404 not found after restart vps

    Hello friends, I did build a droplet and install bigbluebutton, this works fine after install, but if the vps is restarted, bbb not works again, nginx always show the "404 not found" error message, is there some one ...
    1 By yoquigua Nginx
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    Reverse proxied web app not making api call from the location

    I have two web apps running on my home server, one on port 7001 and the other on port 3578. Both of these apps have some REST API routes, that all start with /api. My NGINX config is as follows for the two locations b...
    0 By gordonpn Nginx
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    How to prevent nginx from replacing my index.html with default nginx welcome page.

    Summary Every few days/weeks, my index.html page gets replaced with the "Welcome to nginx!" page. I've automated reupload enough for it to be a non-issue but i would still like to identify what causes this or fixes th...
    0 By usr122 Nginx DigitalOcean
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    Nginx Basic Auth not working

    I'm trying to add basic auth for wp-login but it is not working Here is the code I have added to /etc/nginx/sites-available/default file location ^~ /wp-login.php { auth_basic "Admin Login"; ...
    1 By bepari662 Nginx
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    404 Not Found (

    Nginx showing 404 error for all URL. My url structure is when try after changing parmalink without .html, it is working. vHost ``` server { # SSL configuration...
    2 By bepari662 Nginx
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    Trying to reverse proxy to API URL not working

    Hi all, I'm trying to create a reverse proxy for my API url and it is not working. The API is working if I use curl localhost:8800. It is on port 8800. My reverse proxy config is as follow: ```nginx server { liste...
    1 By knpaing Ubuntu 18.04 Nginx
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    Why am I receiving a 404 not found when I try to access a route other than "/"?

    I am using nodejs. When I try to access a route other than "/", I receive 404 not found. It works It does not work nginx/sites-available/ file ```nginx s...
    1 By claudineigoncalves Node.js Nginx
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    DigitalOcean Load Balancer and Nginx

    Hello, I have two droplets each of them has Nginx running on it on port 80 as a reverse proxy for a Node JS application running on port 3000. If I access any of these droplets by port 80 or 3000 it responds succe...
    1 By akahky2 Load Balancing Nginx
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    I just installed nginx and uploaded a php file and I get 403 Forbidden

    Hi there I just installed nginx and then uploaded a .php file, I'm now getting 403 Forbidden. can anyone help.
    1 By dilixigram Nginx
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    HTTP redirection to HTTPS not working properly

    I have set up Nginx as a reverse proxy as well as using SSL. My website works on as well as But when I open a private browser tab and search for it loads...
    3 By Effection Nginx
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    Python web page not updating/changing

    I followed the guide here, which worked fine. /community/tutorials/how-to-serve-flask-applications-with-uswgi-and-nginx-on-ubuntu-18-04 But when I change content within the file nothing changes! eg: retu...
    0 By chris888x Python Nginx
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    How to Ubuntu 18.04, Nginx, Flask, Uwsgi Python, and Fastcgi-php?

    I have followed both these tutorials and they work fine. How to serve flask applications with uswgi and nginx on ubuntu 18.04:
    0 By chris888x Ubuntu 18.04 Nginx Python PHP
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    After gerenated SSL using certbot, my application in Adonis is getting 502 Bad Gateway

    I have an application in Adonis, using Nginx, in Ubuntu Server. I generated an SSL with certbot. Everything seems ok, but when I try to access my domain, I have 502 Bad Gateway. Someone can help me with?
    1 By lucaskeiti28 Ubuntu 18.04 Nginx
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    how to access from outside my application protected by nginx reverse proxy?

    my application works and is accessible normally in the local network and the internet network. but when I put it behind nginx (reverse proxy), it is no longer accessible from the internet. anyone know why?
    1 By mmuhammadeuss Nginx Applications
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    How to connect securely between Node and Vue on one Droplet?

    I set up SSL with Let's Encrypt and it works as it should. On my droplet there is Nginx as reverse proxy and forwards the request to my frontend on port 3000 --> it works!. But my frontend does fetch data from my back...
    2 By Effection Nginx Node.js API
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    How do I get a SSL certificate for my WSGI Flask server so it can send data over HTTPS?

    I am running a site on a DigitalOcean droplet using Ubuntu 18.04 and Nginx 1.14.0. I also intend to have a Flask app using WSGI as its production server. It would be enough to use HTTP with...
    1 By plutownium Python Nginx
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    How can the frontend call the backend API?

    I set up an Nginx server in front of my Vue frontend and my Node backend. Nginx redirects to requets to Vue and the browser shows the page. But when I want to log in (call the backend API), nothing happens. I assume t...
    1 By Effection Node.js API Nginx
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    How to obtain user's IP address when using private IP for reverse proxy?

    I apologize for the poorly worded question/title but basically... I'm running a NodeJS-based API (express) behind an NGINX reverse proxy on DO. I'm trying to obtain the API requestor's IP address for each request, ho...
    Accepted Answer: Hey @schester44 Add the following proxy_set_header X-Real-IP $remote_addr; proxy_set_header X-Forwarded-For $proxy_add_x_forwarded_for; Regards Simon SnapShooter - Daily DigitalOcean Backups (ht...
    1 By schester44 Nginx