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    How to reduce the server response time on my WordPress blog.

    Hello, I am using wordpress on my blog MyTechTalky ( on a $20/month plan. The configuration I used my server is as follows: Centos7 + NGINX Server + Redis Cache + PHP 7 PHP-FPM + WP Rocket (For...
    1 By MyTechTalky CentOS Nginx PHP Redis WordPress Server Optimization
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    Me sigue cargando "Welcome to nginx!" y mi wordpress no

    Hola estuve en la fase final de instalación de wordpress pero al cargar me sale la página por default de nginx, ¿cual sería mi error? espero su ayuda
    3 By atencionwilson WordPress Nginx Let's Encrypt
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    Magento 2.3.x Admin panel keeps loading (fresh installation)

    Hi, I have been trying to install Magento 2.3.5-p1 on Centos 7, Nginx with Php-fpm and maria db. I was able to install it after fixing several issues and Home Page is perfectly okay now. But my admin panel keeps on l...
    Accepted Answer: I have solved it, it was due to open_basedir, once i disabled it in php.ini and restarted php-fpm, and reinstalled magento, it worked fine.
    1 By afree Nginx CentOS MariaDB
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    Error con el admin-ajax.php

    Hola amigos ya tengo todo mi Wordpress ejecutándose en Ubuntu 18.04 con Nginx, PHP. El error me muestra al intentar importar algo por ejemplo mi tema y se queda cargando sin ningún efecto y verificando en la consola d...
    2 By Lashjg WordPress Nginx PHP
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    Getting 403 with www on domain and SSL certificate configuration

    I set up django app following the next tutorial Django app ( I configured all DNS records and it w...
    1 By lavrikrom2 Django Nginx
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    No puedo subir archivos pesados a mi wordpress

    Hola amigos, tengo todo listo para instalar mi tema en wordpress pero al intentar subir me sale el error "413 request entity too large", estoy trabajando con Ubuntu 18.04, Nginx. Espero su ayuda
    2 By Lashjg WordPress Nginx PHP MySQL
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    Can´t add domain to docker container using Nginx proxy manager

    Hi to everyone, I´m trying to add a domain to some of my docker containers using Nginx Proxy Manager, but i´m getting this error: ``` Failed authorization procedure. (http-01): urn:ietf:params:ac...
    0 By mesquitaluis Nginx
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    Issues Streaming HLS over HTTPS with NGNIX

    I've configured a manual install of NGINX (1.17.10) with Ubuntu. I've followed this to install: I've then added SSL certification using L...
    0 By JohnSmithers242 Nginx
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    Sites-Available/Sites-Enabled Not Here?

    When I followed the tutorial and went to create my .conf file for my laravel project. Nginx did not have a sites-available or sites-enabled directory?
    1 By alexgq3 Nginx Laravel
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    How to set proper RoxyFileman routing in Nginx?

    I am using RoxyFileman in ASP.NET Core for file upload under Nginx and Ubuntu. I am getting 404 not found message instead of pop-up html box for file upload after clicking file upload button. File Location: /var/www/e...
    0 By ksunil Nginx
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    MariaDB Configuration - mysql tuner recommendations

    Hi all. I am running CentOS 8 with nginx for wordpress. I have run the mysql tuner and below are the general recommendations: *****General recommendations: MySQL was started within the last 24 hours - recommendati...
    0 By colinshaun77Eel MariaDB CentOS 8 CentOS Nginx
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    PHP-FPM Error on NGINX (502 Bad Gateway)

    I am getting the following error on error log for my LEMP Ubuntu 20.04 setup on NGINX 704#704: *58 connect() failed (111: Connection refused) while connecting to upstream, client: xx.xx.xx.xx server: domain.tld, requ...
    1 By csggindo PHP Nginx LEMP
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    nginx/1.14.0 (Ubuntu) 404 Not Found

    I am running a frontend app using Vuejs and backend app with django. I am able to successfully serve both backend and frontend on the same ip using separate nginx server blocks i.e. each app is located at /etc/nginx/s...
    0 By alkadelik Nginx API
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    Needing help to get nginx to listen on port 80

    Ive setup nginx for the first time on Ubuntu 20.4 following the guide - in preparation for a wordpress install - but I cant get the...
    0 By greencomputing Nginx
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    Accessing Django Logs

    Hello I have a Django project up and running on DO and NGINX. I have a bug in my program and I want to look at the logs. I added the loggin module in my program, but the file is not being generated. It's working fine ...
    2 By joaoStarfish Django DigitalOcean Nginx
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    connect() failed (111: Connection refused) while connecting to upstream

    Hi all, Everything works - running sudo nginx -t returns: ``` nginx: the configuration file /etc/nginx/nginx.conf syntax is ok nginx: configuration file /etc/nginx/nginx.conf test is successful ``` However, accessing ...
    1 By exportesebo Nginx DigitalOcean API Ubuntu 18.04
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    Setting up page caching for Sinatra/Puma on Nginx

    Ok, so... I have set up a droplet here in DigitalOcean with Ubuntu 18.04 for a Ruby/Sinatra website, using Puma + Nginx + SSL (via Let's encrypt). Everything works fine. However, since most (but not all) of my Sinatra...
    0 By yaniszaf DigitalOcean Nginx Sinatra Caching
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    phpadmin blank page

    My website works fine. I can do and that works, so PHP7.4-FPM is working. I wrote it in Django, Python, nginx, and it has SSL by Certbot. I checked everywhere and read tons on it....
    1 By raulwassermann Apache Nginx PHP Django
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    How to upgrade PHP 7.0.33 to 7.4.7 on Ubuntu 16.04 (NGINX)?

    My server configuration (DigitalOcen): * 4GB RAM | 80 GB Disk * Ubuntu 16.04 x64 (NGINX) - WordPress Current PHP version: 7.0.33 * Reason to upgrade: WordPress Error - PHP Update Required Kindly help. Thank you!
    Accepted Answer: Hi @chinmayrajyaguru, You can actually upgrade the PHP version, you can just install a new one. Firstly, to be able to install a certain PHP version, in this case, 7.2 you'll need to add a certain repository to your ...
    2 By chinmayrajyaguru Ubuntu 16.04 Nginx PHP WordPress
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    How do I make rasa webchat work with nginx and https?

    I have a chatbot implemented with rasa and it is working with rasa webchat. It worked fine when I tested it locally with ngrok, and it also worked when I configured nginx (port 80) on the server. However, once I chang...
    1 By myopp Nginx