Tech talk

Distributed Learning in the Cloud – Thoughts from Education Leaders

Tech Talksdeploy 2020


About the Talk

Educational technology experts discuss how the public cloud can enable education, and encourage educators and students to build their own tech on the cloud.

About the Presenters



  • Inés Vañó García (@InesVano), Linguistics PhD Candidate, Teaching and Learning Center Fellow
  • Kaysi Holman (@CUNYhums), Director of Programs and Administration, CUNY Humanities Alliance
  • Jim Groom (@jimgroom) , Co-Founder & Educational Technologist, Reclaim Hosting
  • Lauren Brumfield (@brumface), Director of Operations, Reclaim Hosting
  • Tim Owens (@timmmmyboy), Co-Founder, Reclaim Hosting and Reclaim Arcade
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