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Talks from DigitalOcean’s first 24-hour global community conference

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  • Tech talk

    Deploying to DigitalOcean With GitHub Actions

    Get tips to simplify your workflow using GitHub Actions and DigitialOcean's APIs, and watch a demo of running a CI/CD pipeline to deploy on DigitalOcean.
    By Karan MV deploy 2020 Tech Talks GitHub Actions
  • Tech talk

    Effective Kubernetes Onboarding

    Strategies for onboarding developers to Kubernetes — learn how to situate Kubernetes in a larger arc of application development and integrate it into an existing development workflow.
    By Kathleen Juell deploy 2020 DigitalOcean Managed Kubernetes Kubernetes Tech Talks
  • Tech talk

    Fullstack Jamstack on DigitalOcean With App Platform

    How a Fullstack Jamstack environment can be created on DigitalOcean — create a server, API, and a static frontend, and host it all on DigitalOcean App Platform.
    By Chris Sev Tech Talks deploy 2020 DigitalOcean App Platform
  • Tech talk

    Build, Deploy, and Scale Your First Web App Using DigitalOcean App Platform

    An introductory talk designed for beginners — learn how to rapidly build, deploy, manage, and scale a web app on DigitalOcean.
    By Kamal Nasser deploy 2020 Tech Talks DigitalOcean App Platform
  • Tech talk

    How a DigitalOcean Droplet is Made – the Journey From UI to Bare Metal

    What happens when you decide to create a droplet on DigitalOcean — from taking an API request to a droplet you can reach via SSH. Peek under the hood to see what it’s like to operate infrastructure at scale.
    By Neal Shrader Microservices Networking Tech Talks deploy 2020 DigitalOcean Droplets
  • Tech talk

    How to Create PHP Development Environments With Docker Compose

    How to define and integrate services, share files between containers, and manage your environment with Docker Compose commands.
    By Erika Heidi Tech Talks PHP Docker deploy 2020
  • Tech talk

    Kubernetes for Beginners

    An introduction into the world of containers and the orchestration ecosystem, and how Kubernetes can help you be more agile, efficient, and productive.
    By Peeyush Gupta deploy 2020 Tech Talks Kubernetes
  • Tech talk

    deploy 2020 Keynote Featuring DigitalOcean CEO Yancey Spruill

    See how DigitalOcean is simplifying cloud computing to help inspire new software applications, startups, and process optimizations around the world, serving software developers and technologists everywhere.
    By Yancey Spruill deploy 2020 Tech Talks
  • Tech talk

    DigitalOcean Droplets: A Modern-Day Overview

    DigitalOcean Droplets have quietly evolved into a robust compute platform suitable for both business and personal applications. Explore the modern Droplet and all that it can do, and learn about sizing, scaling, savin...
    By Ryan Pollock deploy 2020 Tech Talks DigitalOcean Droplets
  • Tech talk

    Build Apps Faster With DigitalOcean App Platform

    Introducing App Platform, a modern PaaS that makes it simpler for you to build, deploy, and scale apps. Plus get best practice tips on user research, hypothesis-driven development, design thinking, and agile/iterative...
    By Jake Levirne Tech Talks DigitalOcean App Platform deploy 2020
  • Tech talk

    DevOps From a Virtual Minecraft World: Using Terraform to Deploy DigitalOcean Kubernetes Apps

    A lighthearted and demo-driven talk using HashiCorp Terraform to deploy DigitalOcean Kubernetes clusters and applications, provision storage, and expose them using ingress and load balancers.
    By Erik Veld, Nic Jackson Terraform Tech Talks deploy 2020 DigitalOcean Managed Kubernetes
  • Tech talk

    Scaling Up Engineering: Managing People, Process, and Technology at Each Growth Stage

    How to avoid the pitfalls of a rapidly growing engineering team by managing resources across people, process, and technology at each growth stage.
    By Al Sene Lightning Talks deploy 2020 Team Management Tech Talks
  • Tech talk

    WebAssembly for Beginners

    WebAssembly enables you to compile other languages to run in browsers. Discover what WebAssembly is (and isn't), how to use WebAssembly, and how it changes the way you program for the web.
    By Kassian Rosner Wren deploy 2020 Tech Talks WebAssembly Compilation Targets
  • Tech talk

    Developing for Developers – Path to Fame, Money, and Happiness

    Opportunities for technologists to create developer-focused businesses; plus advantages to building them on DigitalOcean.
    By Raman Sharma Tech Talks deploy 2020 Startups Product Development Building a SaaS Building on DigitalOcean
  • Tech talk

    Secrets to Building and Scaling SRE Teams

    Tammy Bryant, Principal SRE at Gremlin, shares how she's built tech solutions in emerging ecosystems. From setting yourself up for success as you scale to efficiently handling millions of global users, Bryant shares h...
    By Tammy Bryant Team Management Tech Talks deploy 2020
  • Tech talk

    Combining Cloud Native & PaaS: Building a Fully Managed Application Platform on Kubernetes

    Peek under the hood: see why DigitalOcean built our PaaS solution on Kubernetes.
    By Steven Normore DigitalOcean App Platform Tech Talks deploy 2020
  • Tech talk

    Begin Accepting Online Payments in Just 15 Minutes Using Stripe Sample and DigitalOcean

    How to quickly set up and accept payments for your business using Stripe Sample – an open source, end-to-end code example — on DigitalOcean.
    By CJ Avilla Payments Open Source Stripe Tech Talks deploy 2020
  • Tech talk

    Happiness First: Ways to Develop Products in Record Time

    This talk helps startups stay away from over-engineering in the early stages of their projects by describing methods for keeping both people and businesses happy.
    By Nikita Savrov Building a SaaS deploy 2020 Tech Talks Startups Product Development
  • Tech talk

    Developer Burnout: Yes, You Can Improve Your Team's Wellness

    How to incorporate stress management techniques into your team's culture to help prevent burnout.
    By Jaime Woo Tech Talks deploy 2020 Wellness Team Management
  • Tech talk

    How to Build Cloud Native Apps With DigitalOcean Kubernetes

    An overview of current cloud native technologies, and how DigitalOcean products can help you use them. See the latest updates to DigitalOcean Kubernetes and DigitalOcean Container Registry.
    By Adam Wolfe Gordon Tech Talks DigitalOcean Managed Kubernetes deploy 2020