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Python Gaming Rocks: Speedy Development With PursuedPyBear

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About the Talk

Who doesn’t love game developer tools in Python? Piper Thunstrom, Senior Software Engineer at Zipari, goes over the current landscape of Python game libraries, teaching you how to think about video games while using Python and the basics of PursuedPyBear (ppb), an education-friendly library designed for speedy development. (The simplest ppb game can be produced in 5 minutes!)

What You’ll Learn

  • How to think about video games when using Python
  • The growing number of game related libraries in python
  • The basics of PursuedPyBear



About the Presenter

Piper Thunstrom, Senior Software Engineer at Zipari specializes in web development. Outside of the workplace, she does community organization in the Python community, and is the maintainer of a handful of Python game libraries such as ppb and misbehave.

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