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DigitalOcean backups Daily. Schedule frequent backups of your droplets & volumes to protect against data loss. Hourly to Daily.

DigitalOcean Daily Backups

SnapShooter allows you to take up to between daily and hourly backups of DigitialOcean droplets and volumes, providing a much better backup solution. You can retain as many old snapshots backups as you wish. You simply authenticate with DigitalOcean and schedule the Droplets or volumes you want to have backup protect on.

Why Backup your Servers Daily?

DigitalOcean does not currently offer a daily backup option, and weekly backups for the price of 20% of the droplet are not good enough for all. SnapShooter established its self in 2017 to meet the requirements to offer daily backups. Most of our customers find that daily backups offer the level of protection they need and enjoy been able to set there own custom retention rates (not limited to the 4 that Droplet weekly backups offer)

Weekly DigitalOcean Volume Backups?

DigitalOcean does not have an automated way to backup Volumes, we added support of up to hourly backups of Volumes, just remember you are limited to 25 per volume by DigitalOcean.

For a-lot of our customers volumes backups are more important than droplets, with large and important data stored on Volumes for their high capacity.

Free Plan

Because we know how important having backups are we have a free plan that allows you to take daily backups of one resource, a droplet, volume or MySQL database. No card is required to enjoy this feature.

Offsite Database backups

SnapShooter how supports offsite MySQL backup support to AWS S3 or if you prefer DigitalOcean spaces, this offers an extra layer of protection for a-lot of our customers who again have key data protection policies.

SnapShooter Features

  • Support for both Droplets Backups and Volumes Backups
  • Daily Backups
  • Hourly Backups
  • Monthly Backups
  • Option to backup every 24,12,6,4,3,2 and 1 hour
  • Unlimited backup retention
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly retention rotation policies (archiving)
  • Secure Snapshots never leave DigitalOcean
  • MySQL database backups
  • Timezone support
  • 2fa available
  • Free getting started plan
  • 14 day trial of paid plans
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

An enhanced drop-in replacement for DigitalOcean backup service

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