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Manage your DO account from your iOS device. Constantly updated. Ready for iPhone X and iPad.

This is a project I started on June, 2015. At first, it would be for my personal use only, but I had put so much effort on it and the result was so good that it was obvious I had to publish it. The first version was released on Dec/2015 and it’s been kept updated ever since. The last update adapts the UI for the new iOS 11, for the iPhone X and for iPad. Since it was first launched, it has an average of 100 downloads/month. Here is the list of features as shown on the app description on the AppStore:

• Connect up to 10 accounts (switch with a single tap on the accounts section)

• Connect accounts using Token or Email/Password


  • Create multiple droplets at once
  • Deploy using Distributions, Applications or Snapshots
  • Add MetaData (User Data) and SSH Keys during creation
  • Rebuild, Rename and Destroy
  • Reset password
  • Take snapshots
  • Power On, Off, Shutdown, Reboot and Power Cycle
  • Activate IPv6 and Private Networking
  • Enable and disable Backups
  • See a list of the backups and convert them to snapshots
  • Read and Copy IPv4, IPv6 and Private Networking addresses
  • Save a droplet size or region as favorite by tapping and holding on it


  • Take, Rename and Destroy
  • Build from
  • See an estimation of the costs
  • Transfer to other regions


  • Create Domains and Records
  • Edit and Destroy Records
  • Mark Domains as favorite to have their Records automatically loaded.

SSH Keys:

  • Create, Rename and Destroy
  • Read and Copy Public Key and Fingerprint
  • Mark as favorite to have it already selected when you open the Droplet Creation page

Please contact me if you want to suggest a feature or report a bug. I bet this app can be useful to you :)

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