ServePHP will help you in Creating, Provisioning and Managing Server & Applications for PHP

ServePHP will help you in Creating, Provisioning and Managing Server and Website/Applications, Performing many important tasks like Attaching Domains, Applications, Cron Jobs, Firewall Rules, Auto Deployments and lot more without writing single line of command in Terminal yourself, these tasks are just a click away using simple interface.

Features like Auto Deployments using Git Push requests, these deployment can be configured conditionally to avoid unnecessary commands executions.

Simple Interface
Simple & magical interface for all those painful tasks you need to perform on server.

Auto Deployments
Deployments are just push away using Git repository services like Bitbucket, or just accessing the deploy url.

Conditional Auto Deployments
Based on the messages in git commits you can run the scripts conditionally.

Free LetsEncrypt SSL Certificates
Seemless integration with LetsEncrypt to install Free SSL Certificates for your applications.

Every Server provisioned by ServePHP uses SSH Key Authentication, Automatic Security Updates & Pre Configured Firewall

Unlimited Domains & Applications
Can host unlimited domains & applications under the single server

Share with Teams
Plans to share the ServePHP account with team members

Easy Cron Jobs
Adding cron jobs a click away.

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