SnapShooter - Daily to Hourly backups of Droplets & Volumes.

Schedule frequent backups of your droplets & volumes to protect against data loss. Hourly to Daily.

Snapshooter allows you to take up to hourly snapshots of Digitial Ocean servers to provide a much better backup solution. You can retain as many old snapshots as you wish. You simply authenticate with Digital Ocean and schedule the Droplets you want to protect.

Perfect for single click install droplets as well as custom-made boxes.


  • Support for both Droplets and Volumes
  • Daily to Hourly Backups
  • Unlimited backup retention
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly retention rotation policies (achieving)
  • Secure Snapshots never leave DigitalOcean
  • Timezone support
  • 2fa available
  • Free getting started plan
  • 14 day trial of paid plans
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • VAT/Company invoices

Replacement for DigitalOcean backup service

Get started for free

Get started for free

2018 Update

We now also support Daily to Hourly AWS EC2 backups which is great for those customers and clients who mix and match cloud providers.