Weap.io - DigitalOcean Daily Backups

Schedule more frequent backup snapshots (from daily to hourly) of your Droplets & Volumes and be prepared to easily recover your data.

Weap.io provides a better backup solution by allowing you to automatically take daily to hourly backup snapshots of your droplets/volumes.

Getting started is very simple

  • Connect with your DigitalOcean account
  • Configure how frequently you want to backup your droplets & volumes
  • Configure how long you want to retain the backups

We believe in not limiting the features we offer. Each plan has access to all features, only the number of droplets & volumes differs based on the active plan.
Besides that, we offer 14 days of free trial.


  • Support for both Droplets and Volumes
  • Retain Daily, Weekly and Monthly and Backups
  • Option to backup every 24,12,6,4,2 and 1 hour
  • Flexible and easy to configure retention
  • Region replication
  • Multiple DigitalOcean accounts
  • Unlimited snapshots


Configure the backup rules of the droplet/volume
With the below configuration, Weap.io will create a new snapshot every day at 00:00 and will retain:

  • the last 7 copies of the daily snapshots
  • the last 4 copies of the weekly snapshots
  • the last 6 copies of the monthly snapshots

alt text

Configure in which regions the snapshots should be replicated
As an extra safety layer, you can configure in which regions your snapshots should be replicated and Weap.io will automatically take care of that. Thanks to the generosity of DigitalOcean, replicating a snapshot to multiple regions doesn’t cost more.

alt text

Overview of your backup snapshots
A simple and clean overview of what is happening with your droplet/volume (or simply cloudlet). The snapshots can be filtered by tags and status.

alt text

Multiple DigitalOcean accounts
Weap.io works out of the box with multiple DigitalOcean accounts. Use as many as you need :)

alt text

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