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Application management platform

Wodby is an application management platform. Simply connect your DigitalOcean account, git repository and deploy your application. List of supported stacks available at http://wodby.com/stacks

Key Features

  • Managed stacks with 1-click update
  • Deploy unlimited environments of your application across droplets
  • CI/CD workflow
  • 1-click free HTTPS
  • Auto and manual backups with mirroring
  • Team management with access control

How it works

  1. Connect your DigitalOcean account
  2. Connect your git repository (GitHub, BitBucket, GitLab, …)
  3. Voila! Deploy your apps to any droplet via our and manage them via our dashboard

Open source projects: docker-based stacks for local development

Platform and stack documentation available at https://wodby.com/docs

Try our free developer version!

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