Adding, Removing & Toggling Classes With classList in JavaScript


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It’s much easier than it used to be to modify classes on an element, thanks in large part to the classList object.

Say we have an element like this:

<div class="cool new shades">

Let’s play around with the classes on that element. First, let’s grab a reference to the element in a shadesEl variable:

let shadesEl = document.querySelector('.cool');

// ["cool", "new", "shades", value: "cool new shades"]

console.log(shadesEl.classList[1]); // new

This works, but we should instead call one of the following methods on the classList object:


Add one or more classes to the element:

shadesEl.classList.add('make', 'me', 'look', 'rad');

Our element now:

<div class="cool new shades make me look rad">


Contains returns a boolean indicating if the class is present:

console.log(shadesEl.classList.contains('look')); // true


Get the class that’s at the provided index:

console.log(shadesEl.classList.item(3));  // make


Remove one of more classes:

shadesEl.classList.remove('cool', 'make', 'me');
<div class="new shades look rad">

JavaScript won’t complain if you try to remove a class that doesn’t exist.


Instead of doing a whole dance like this if you want to toggle a class on or off:

// Tedious toggle
if (shadesEl.classList.contains('rad')) {
} else {

…you can simply use classList.toggle instead. Say something like this on a button click:

coolButton.addEventListener('click', () => {

classList.toggle will return true if the class was added and false if it was removed:

let a = shadesEl.classList.toggle('cool');

console.log(a); // true --> class was added

classList.toggle optionally takes a second argument that should evaluate to a boolean. This will force toggle to either add the class or remove it depending on the how the second argument evaluates:

let someCondition;

let b = shadesEl.classList.toggle('cool', !!someCondition);
// false, `someCondition` is undefined and evaluates to false, class is removed

someCondition = 'I wear my sunglasses at night';

let c = shadesEl.classList.toggle('cool', !!someCondition);
// true, `someCondition` evaluates to true, class is added.

Using !! in front of an expression coerces the value to a boolean.

🤠 And that’s it! It doesn’t get any easier than this.


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