Kubernetes at scale managed for you

Powerful, cost-effective cloud infrastructure optimized for startups, growing digital businesses, and independent software vendors (ISVs).

DigitalOcean Kubernetes (DOKS)

Thousands of ISVs, startups, and digital businesses run on DigitalOcean today, achieving top performance and unmatched scalability at significant cost savings. With DigitalOcean Kubernetes, you can easily scale workloads, optimize performance with a developer-friendly approach, and automate infrastructure and software delivery.

Simplify Ops+

DOKS fully manages the control plane so you can focus on your business utilizing the DO API, CLI, and UI.

Launch reliably

Increase the reliability of your clusters and prevent scaling issues from fault tolerance, load balancing, and traffic management.

Scale automatically

Use the DigitalOcean Cluster Autoscaler to seamlessly scale your clusters

Resilient disaster recovery

Protect your clusters with seamless SnapShooter backups, an effortless way to initiate and manage cluster backups with just a few clicks.

Reduce costs

Dynamically scale your infrastructure up and down to meet demand and maximize your data solutions without worrying about bandwidth costs.

Update seamlessly

Effortlessly harness the latest Kubernetes with the option for automatic updates, maintenance windows, and surge upgrades.

Unwavering uptime

Rely on DOKS' High Availability control plane, championing a 99.95% uptime SLA. Secure your critical workloads with seamless accessibility and amplified productivity.

DigitalOcean Product Service Level Agreement

Uptime for SLA for DOKS + HA


Uptime SLA for nodes


Uptime SLA for Block Storage


DOKS Real-world innovators

Innovative companies scaling massively trust DigitalOcean Kubernetes

Snipitz Logo

Solving Scale

“There was a fear that we couldn't deliver at scale for a large event, with many concurrent users and more than a single stream per user.”

— Andrew Lombard, Chief Product Officer, Snipitz

Nitropack Logo

Website optimization

“Kubernetes really pays off when you have to scale, we went from optimizing 15,000 sites in 2020 to 120,000 sites in 2022.”

— Ivailo Hristov, CTO, Nitropack

ScraperAPI Logo

Web scraping platforms

“We used to run 100+ Droplets. We converted to DOKS. If you replicate with VMs, you can't go below one core.”

— Zoltan Bettenbuk, CTO, ScraperAPI

Zingbrain Logo


“The high availability control plane is a great addition. We've never had an availability issue from DigitalOcean.”

— Stephen Lazarionok , Zingbrain

BrightData Logo


“Our load is dynamic, low on weekends and high during the week. We wanted to solve our underutilized Droplets fast…”

— Nir Borenshtein, COO, BrightData

Jenkins Logo


“Upgrades happen weekly and keep the infrastructure current with the latest capabilities… ”

— Jenkins team

Shoppermotion Logo

IOT and Data Science

“We were amazed at how easy DigitalOcean is to use and it let us spend more time focused on our product…”

— Marco Doncel, CTO, Shoppermotion

Framey Logo

Event streams

“You don't want to get into a situation where you have a great product but then you have to go back and fix the infrastructure…”

— Robert Preoteasa, Founder and CEO, Framey

Loot.tv Logo

Online Advertising

“We'd have to know ahead of time to spin up servers which could take a whole afternoon. Now, I can click a button and it's done.”

— Joshua Verdehem, Co-Founder, Loot.tv

Hack The Box Logo


“The DigitalOcean integration and provision of Kubernetes has been the most seamless that I've experienced so far.”

— James Hooker, CTO, Hack The Box

Origin Logo

Connected-TV Ads

“In terms of deployment, using Ansible with DigitalOcean is easy…”

— CTO, Origin

Adom Learning Logo

Learning platforms

“…we've been able to grow as quickly…because of how scalable everything is and how easy it is to add new features…”

— Tim Osborne, CTO, Atom Learning

See what you can save

DigitalOcean Kubernetes includes the control plane, bandwidth allowance, container registry, automatic updates, and more for free. Know what you're paying and keep costs low with our simple pricing.

Basic node costs

Competitors charge $0.10/hr ($73/mo) per cluster just to use Kubernetes along with associated costs like nodes, storage, and bandwidth.
4 GiB RAM / 80 GiB Storage / 4,000 GiB Bandwidth
$24.00Includes bandwidth
$27.55With bandwidth: $367.55
$30.37With bandwidth: $342.37
$30.37With bandwidth: $399.01
8 GiB RAM / 160 GiB Storage / 5,000 GiB Bandwidth
$48.00Includes bandwidth
$55.09With bandwidth: $480.09
$60.74With bandwidth: $521.54
$60.74With bandwidth: $452.74
16 GiB RAM / 320 GiB Storage / 6,000 GiB Bandwidth
$96.00Includes bandwidth
$110.19With bandwidth: $620.00
$121.47With bandwidth: $674.43
$121.47With bandwidth: $593.18

Ditch expensive vendors

DigitalOcean Kubernetes is CNCF certified, which means you can migrate any conformant clusters and avoid being locked in by a vendor. Plus, DOKS integrates with the CNCF landscape of open-source software so you can customize your experience.

Learn more about CNCF

Nearly 90% of Kubernetes users leverage cloud-managed services, up from nearly 70% in 2020. CNCF Sees Record Kubernetes and Container Adoption in 2021 Cloud Native Survey

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