Attach volume to preexisting directory

March 14, 2019 410 views
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Can volumes be attached to a preexisting directory?

Currently, I have 10GB volume in TOR1 and my server also being in TOR1 and I'm trying to add more space to my existing directory which is /home/srcds is there a way to attach the volume to that directory?

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jarland MOD March 15, 2019
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Hey friend!

Great question. The directory will need to be empty in order to mount it there, but this may not be so bad. This is basically what I would do:

mv /home/srcds /home/srcds2
mkdir /home/srcds
mount /dev/sda /home/srcds
mv /home/srcds2/* /home/srcds

So you're moving it out of the way, creating the empty directory and mounting the disk there, then moving the files back over to that location.


  • Thanks for your reply!

    Although this may work for the majority of the people out there. I ran into a issue where after using wget with sudo and non sudo the contents I was trying to install did not have the proper permissions. Tried looking up several tutorials and fixes online but none of them seemed to work. Found it easier to just upgrade my server instead.

    But again thank you!

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