AWS account needed for DigitalOcean Spaces?

January 3, 2018 1.3k views
Deployment Ubuntu 16.04

Do I need an AWS account for using DigitalOcean Spaces? I see an example where we need to use driver = s3.

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asb MOD January 3, 2018
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No you do not need an AWS account to use Spaces. The reason you might have seen references to S3 is that the Spaces API was designed to be interoperable with Amazon's AWS S3 API. That way you can use Spaces with the tooling you already know. In most cases, the only difference will be setting the "endpoint" or "base" URL to ${REGION}

For more info, see:

  • Thanks. It will be great. My client wants to do only with DigitalOcean so I was afraid to see s3 within it. Mainly I need to serve private files like image, mp3 etc. :)

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