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October 13, 2016 1.2k views
Block Storage Ubuntu 16.04

The concept blockstorage is not so clear to me at the moment. I read the articles and it still doesn’t answer my question.

I have a particular scenario: a webapplication is growing month by month in storage capacity needs. Is blockstorage good for this purpose? Lets say I take 100GB now, and next year i see the storage is almost at its limit. So I take another 100GB. Would this make my ftp total size 200GB ?

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newbie October 13, 2016
Accepted Answer

Block storage is introduced and best fit for scenario like yours.
i think you missed this part. hopefully this will answer your particular question.
How To Increase the Size of a DigitalOcean Block Storage Volume

by Justin Ellingwood
By attaching a DigitalOcean Block Storage volume to a Droplet, you can easily increase your server's capacity as your requirements change. While it's possible to attach multiple volumes to a single Droplet to expand the available capacity of your server, it's also possible to expand the size of an existing volume. This process involves increasing the size of the volume in your DigitalOcean account, followed by some operations on the server itself to expand any partitions and filesystems.
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