Cannot get spaces to work with Laravel

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I am getting the following error:

Missing required client configuration options: region: (string) A “region” configuration value is required for the “s3” service (e.g., “us-west-2”).

Here is my setup (XXX to hide my creds):

.env file:

filesystems.php file (under the disks):
 'spaces' => [
        'driver' => 's3',
        'key' => env('XXXXX'),
        'secret' => env('XXXXX'),
        'endpoint' => env(''),
        'region' => env('nyc3'),
        'bucket' => env('XXXXXX'),

in the view file:

    function addDocument(Request $req, $projId)
            $validatedData = $req->validate([
                    'uploadFile' => 'required'

            $image = $req->file('uploadFile');

            $file_name = pathinfo($image->getClientOriginalName(), PATHINFO_FILENAME);

            // Get the currently authenticated user...
            $user = \Auth::user();

            // Get the currently authenticated user's ID...
            $uid = \Auth::id();

            $folder = $req->input('folder');

            $folderId = \DB::table('foldernames')->where('name',$folder)->where('common',1)->value('fid');

            if (!$folderId) {

                    $folderId = \DB::table('foldernames')->where('name',$folder)->where('userId',$uid)->value('fid');


            $input['imagename'] = $file_name.'_'.time().'.'.$image->getClientOriginalExtension();

            //$destinationPath = public_path('/images');

            //$image->move($destinationPath, $input['imagename']);

            $destinationPath = $image->store('/', 'spaces');
            Storage::setVisibility($destinationPath, 'public');

            $data = array('fid'=>$folderId,'fileLoc'=>$input['imagename'],'projId'=>$projId);

    return back();


As you can see in the view, I try to store the image on the space and then store the path in the DB which would represent the path to the space.

I cannot get this error to go away; do you see any issues?


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1 answer

Hi @Rwpeller

Everything seems correct! Having said that, I do have one suggestion, when configuring :


In your .env file can you set it to be with Uppercase letters? WhatI mean is it should be like


Additionally, the do_spaces block in your filesystem should literally be

do_spaces' => [     
'driver' => 's3',     
'key' => env('DO_SPACES_KEY'),     
'secret' => env('DO_SPACES_SECRET'),     
'endpoint' => env('DO_SPACES_ENDPOINT'),     
'region' => env('DO_SPACES_REGION'),     
'bucket' => env('DO_SPACES_BUCKET'), 


  • I tried to capitalize the NYC3, but still same error.

    I tried the do_spaces, but still no luck as well.

    I forgot to mention in the filesystems.php file I have:

    ‘cloud’ => env('FILESYSTEM_CLOUD’, 'spaces’),

    • Messed around with it a bit this AM and still no luck :(

      I am at a loss… I tried to search the web for a similar issues, but I cannot find anything.. I am really surprised no one else has run into this! You can clearly see I have the region part filled in..

      Thanks for the help KFSys - let me know if you can think of anything else or a different structure to try!

      Appreciate the help!